A brand-new interactive map native nonprofit compasmashville247.net Climate main gives one unsettling image of what new York City would certainly look like, should sea levels dramatically rise. We’ve seen other visuals that hint at what things could look choose if worldwide warming worsens, however, naught has enabled us to zoom in on particular city landmarks quite like this.

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The software, called Surging Seas: extreme SCENARIO 2100, is designed to job-related with Google earth to administer renderings of what the city would look like if sea levels were to climb eight feet, reports Untapped Cities.

Below is a look at at just how some the the city’s assorted neighborhoods, attractions, and also landmarks would fare:

Lower Manhattan

Needless to say, much of reduced Manhattan would be submerged in water. Battery Park, the 9/11 Tribute Museum, and most of south Street Seaport would certainly be in poor shape.


Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty herself would host up pretty well but a large portion of the rest of Liberty Island wouldn’t.


Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island together a whole would be in bad shape if sea levels to be to increase eight feet, and the southern guideline would acquire the worst the it.


Long Island City & Greenpoint

It’s safe to say that both that these communities would be doomed.

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South brothers Island

Good thing southern Brother Island has pretty much abandoned; it would pretty much be underwater and also its neighbor, North brothers Island, would fare only slightly better.