"A quit clock is best twice a day" is one idiom that method that no human being is ever before wrong about everything 100% that the time.

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A stopped clock is quite useless in many cases, yet despite that, it will be ideal twice a day: the moment it stopped, in 12 hour increments.

It"s been used to people, news media sources, federal government officials, and also everything in between.

Are there similar idioms v the same meaning?


Wiktionary suggests:

even a remote pig can find an acorn as soon as in a while


Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while: This expression way that also if people are ineffective or misguided, sometimes they have the right to still be correct simply by being lucky.


These idiom expressions which involve animals appear to have actually a Latin origin:

If you’re having a hard time finding something, psychic that also a blind pig can find an acorn when in a while. This encouraging idiom actually comes from ancient Rome, where the concept of a blind animal turning something up lent chin to the Latin saying the a blind dove occasionally finds a pea. An 18th-century Friedrich Schiller play employed the blind-pig-and-acorn version, and the play’s translation right into smashville247.net and also French might have carried it into contemporary smashville247.net speech.


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every dog has its day:

Even the the very least fortunate human being will have actually success at part point.

I understand you"re shocked the that dopey kid got a far better grade than you, but hey, every dog has its day.


Every dog has actually its day. and also Every dog has his day.

Even the lowliest will sometimes come to the fore, together in

They may not hear to me now, yet just wait, every dog has actually its day.

This proverbial saying alludes to the lowly standing dogs as soon as held.

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If you had actually an infinite variety of monkeys through an infinite amount that typewriters, eventually...

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