The fast-casual food chain has a checklist that helps suggest a candidate’s potential because that career advancement.

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You can think the to obtain a project at Chipotle, the capability to make a great burrito would be number one on the perform of qualifications. But it's not.

When looking in ~ candidates, the chain weighs certain an individual qualities an ext highly than technological skill. The company's co-CEO Monty Moran has arisen a list of go-or-no-go traits dubbed the "The 13 Characteristics" the are used in all hiring and promotion assessments.

The reason? Ultimately, Moran is looking for civilization who desire careers vs. Jobs, describes Danielle Winslow, Chipotle spokesperson.

“He came up v a perform of traits that he feel were inherent in top-performing individuals, and that rental managers can pick increase on during a relatively short meeting,” Winslow says. “Our id is that height performing people—who eventually have the capability to come to be future leaders and will be positioned for long-term success—will possess these traits that, by the moment they are an adult, can not be taught.”

So if you're in search of a project at the fast-growing fast-casual joint—which at this time has 1,878 stores, 97 the which opened in the last six months—better make certain you are all of these things:




High energy

Infectiously enthusiastic









The 13 attributes have carried over as not only a part of Chipotle hiring culture, yet of its career pathing as well. More than 95% that the restaurant chain’s managers have been promoted from crew member positions, follow to Winslow. In 2014, more than 10,500 crew members that passed the 13-characteristics test got bumped up to management positions.

So, how deserve to you sell these traits and also your potential in one interview?

In enhancement to showing up at the interview ~ above time and also looking presentable, Winslow claims to enthusiastically greet the interviewer and have hopeful body language, such together leaning forward in the chair rather of slouching.She says also advises come ask great questions, have actually a solid desire to find out more, seek to far better yourself and challenge others.

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Talking around how much you like the food most likely wouldn’t hurt, either. desires to know: would you pass or fail Chipotle’s “13 Characteristics” checklist?