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1, The other equilibria are with all factors of production concentrated in one country, thus achieving the integrated world economy.
2, To attain efficiency, it would be expected that factors of production would be allocated so that their marginal products would be equal.
3, The cyclical exchange of payments for factors of production and payments for final goods becomes a perpetual motion machine.
6, Distribution according factors of production means paying the owner according to his contribution put in factors of production, and the basis of distribution is the ownership of factor of production.
7, Practitioners concentrated on the traditional factors of production - land , labour and capital - and on the price mechanism.
9, The neoclassical marginal productivity doctrine treats the factors of production like any commodity.
12, There are many ways to measure the return on these two basic factors of production, all of them controversial.
15, In the ideal-type command economy, the state assumes total control of virtually all the significant factors of production.
17, There is, of course, always the problem in economic analysis of interpreting the dynamic relationships between factors of production.
19, Bankruptcies are an institution that can speed up the process of relative price adjustments, transferring savings and factors of production.
20, Because the payments for final goods and services must eventually flow back to the owners of the factors of production as income, income payments must equal payments for final goods and services.
21, In differentiating international from domestic trade, classical economists stressed the behavior of the factors of production.
24, In this case, without any change in the prices of factors of production, the marginal cost curve of the individual firm would shift upward as the industry expanded output.
25, As we all know, is a 21st century knowledge-based economy as the main characteristics of the era, knowledge has become the most basic factors of production has become a strategic business asset.

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