How to continue playing after ~ ending?

» sunlight Mar 06, 2011 2:30 afternoon

deserve to someone phone call me how I can continue playing Fallout: new Vegas after ~ beating the game? that goes to credits. Climate goes to location Screen. I pick "Continue" and also it put me earlier at mine last save points before beating the game. Can"t I proceed playing the game even after beating the key storyline so ns can proceed discovering and doing next quests, and likewise when DLC is available, play DLC?Am i doing something wrong? How deserve to I continue playing after finish game?
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» sun Mar 06, 2011 10:10 pm

The game doesn"t have an open up ending. Before the final mission you were given a warning that you were entering the finale, if you want to use the character to discover other side-quests or DLC you"ll have to load a conserve from prior to this point.

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I mean this object to walk very similar to http://www.smashville247.net/index.php?/topic/1131035-how-to-play-after-the-end/page__hl__continue%20playing%20after.
The DLC will certainly be out on December 21, 2010. Ns think autumn 3 was also like wherein the video game ended and you couldn"t pat on after completing the main quest, that was until the DLC packs come out. Usually what i would do in playing a game like this is come explore locations that I uncovered interesting, and do as many side pursuits as ns wanted prior to hitting the actual key quest.
they to speak they dont desire to have a open finishing for a key quest so you cant proceeding playing after ~ the last boss. Is something prefer FO1 and 2 the why you get told and get a auto save as soon as you walk to confront the critical bossSo i recomend you to discover all once you law the key quest; im still didnt come to the trip and i almos level 21 because i explore evry interested location i see in the mini map
video game tells you once you struggle the allude of no return. As soon as you obtain there just organize off committing come the last battle and make a difficult save best there.I was able to gain 118 hours out the my first playthrough and still had several hours worth of ingredient to do. To get the various other endings under mine belt it"ll take an additional 200ish hrs of playing on an additional 3 characters.

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To be honest, i gibberish a clue, but i dunno exactly how they could continue it. However they probably have somthing in psychic

There will not be a extension DLC. There are too many, also different, ways for the game to end, for them to make a "continuation" that makes sense (unless they make a DLC as big as a whole game development or sequel).