L>BIOdotEDUClick below toComponents that CellsThe MacromoleculesTriglyceridesFats and also oilsLipids consisting of three molecules of fat acids covalently bonded to one molecule of glycerol room termed triglycerides (or triacylglycerols), but are much more commonly recognized as fats and oils.

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These molecules are the ultimate kind of energy storage molecule because of your high calorific value and also the reality that they can additionally thermally safeguard an animal"s human body from loss of heat in cold climates.

However, they are uncovered in both animals and plants and constitute vital part the the person diet. The department into fats and oils is arbitrary and also depends on the physical state of these molecules at room temperature. Those molecules that space usually solid in ~ room temperature (plant or animal) space termed fats, when those that space liquids in ~ room temperature room termed oils. These latter are usually uncovered in plants, but fish also store liquid develops of triglythrade (fish oils).

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Plant sources
Animal sources
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Solids and liquidsSolid fats typically consist that saturated fat acids, whereas liquid oils room made mostly of unsaturated acids, yet this can be artificially manipulated to develop triglycerides v other preferable properties.

Natural lard (a fat from animal sources) melts at 30oC (above typical room temperature), whereas herbal olive oil i do not care a hard only below -6oC. This last is typical for beneficial vegetable oils in general, however these oils can me made into semi-solids by partial hydrogenation of few of the double bonds found in the hydrocarbon chains.

Trans fats


This counter is no without that is problems, however. During the partial hydrogenation process, some of the remaining double bonds in the hydrocarbon components of the molecule are changed into the trans configuration (isomerized).

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Artificially modified vegetables oils space semi-solid and spread quickly on bread right from the refrigerator, they have much much longer storage lives that the fluid oils indigenous which they to be made, and also they just "feel" much better in the mouth once eaten. These space all preferable features, however when much longer terms studies have been carried out ~ above their result it shows up that a diet that unnatural trans-fats deserve to be associated with some increase in love problems, part cancers, diabetes and a propensity to obesity. There is also some indication the the immune and reproductive systems have the right to be adversely affected.