Seinfeld is just one of the funniest television sitcoms in background and finest of all, those jokes have mostly sustained the test of time. Collection fans space still quoting the very same one-liners and also phrases native Seinfeld that made the display popular in the very first place.

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Part the this originates from the display being various than anything else on television. Seinfeld concentrated on the funny moment from daily life, i m sorry is why critics called that a “show around nothing.” also if co-creator Jerry Seinfeld disagreed on the point.

But regardless of their noticeable indifference, the reality is Seinfeld creators did treatment what fans thought of them. Which could be why they changed a character’s name based upon an audience suggestion.

‘The small Mint’ tackled a tricky object on ‘Seinfeld’


‘The junior Mint’ on ‘Seinfeld’ | pike Nannarello/NBCU photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

One element of Seinfeld that some fans took issue with was how the key character cure women. In general, Jerry was really superficial with whoever he to be dating and also fixated on qualities that nothing matter, such as physical characteristics.

In “The junior Mint” indigenous season 4, Jerry forgets the name of a woman he’s dating. He just remembers that she got teased about it in school because it rhymes through a part of the woman anatomy. Jerry and George brainstorm what the name can be and also finally decision on the ridiculous choice “Mulva” (rhymes v “vulva”).

The woman storms out of Jerry’s apartment and also moments later, Jerry recalls the her surname is actually Dolores (which type of sounds like “clitoris”).

A ‘Seinfeld’ audience member came up with the surname Dolores

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Seinfeld writers knew exactly how they wanted the illustration to go, yet they weren’t completely sure which surname to use for jerry date. They were planning to use “Cloris” till one clever audience member readjusted their minds, WikiSein reported.

According to the show’s “Inside Look” extras top top the DVDs, a stand-up comedian performed because that the live studio audience during taping because that “The small Mint.” when they request audience members come guess the woman’s name, one person shouted, “Dolores!” The writers and Seinfeld preferred that idea far better than “Cloris,” therefore they conveniently rewrote the scene through the new name.

Meanwhile, the fan never ever realized they had actually inspired the change. When Jerry revealed the surname Dolores in ~ the end, a producer overheard the audience member’s husband speak to her, “You guessed right!”

The ‘Seinfeld’ episode was a vast success

“The junior Mint” still would have been hilarious even without that clever audience member. The aired during the so-called “golden period of Seinfeld” while co-creator Larry David was still associated in the production. That illustration maintains an 8.8 rating on IMDb.

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And that wasn’t simply an remarkable segment because that Jerry. Fans loved how this illustration was the an initial time Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) obtained applause ~ above entrance, ultimately giving she the credit transaction she to be due. Gibbs Michael Richards, that played Kramer, received recognition the his own with his an initial Emmy success of the series.

It to be all many thanks to a junior Mint and a woman called Dolores — no Mulva or Cloris.