Seattle stop a record of futility that may never be broken. Execute they have actually their best opportunity to save their franchise some confront this weekend versus the Jaguars?

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ns was not yet born in 1979. Couple of people were. At most, over there were choose a couple of hundred civilization in the world. Few of them played a football game in the Kingdome top top November 4, 1979 -- but none the the people that play a football video game that day were Seattle Seahawks.

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Those guys had actually the job off.

That"s surprising due to the fact that there weren"t any type of bye main in 1979, and just a week prior the Seahawks did play a soccer game. Castle beat the Atlanta Falcons 31-28, top top the road, on Monday night football, and also were really beginning to look favor an NFL team under coach Jack Patera. And also then the LA Rams concerned Seattle and nearly caused convulsion of the Seahawks native the NFL only a few years after castle had broadened into the area.

How else could we quantify the worst attack performance in organization history?

Jim Zorn was 2-of-17 because that 25 yards, perfect both passes to Steve Largent. Sherman smith ran the ball seven times for 16 yards, and there were 5 other runs the totaled seven more yards. Had actually that to be the finish of it, the Seahawks would certainly have gained 48 yards against the Rams, which would be an excellent for the 16th-worst full in NFL history.

But that wasn"t the end of it.

Though castle didn"t keep individual sack numbers at the time, Zorn was attributed as walk down 6 times (I"ve seen various totals for this, going as high as eight) and losing 55 yards. The Seahawks complete offense the day to be -7 yards, the worst performance the the league has ever before seen. They gained one very first down all game long and also never do it past their own 42 garden line.

Which is especially weird since Seattle"s offense wasn"t even bad that year. Lock finished fourth in scoring. The LA Rams had some historic defenses in your day, and also won your seventh straight department title in 1979, yet were yes, really at the finish of your run. Though they in reality made the at sight Bowl the year, they additionally finished at simply 9-7, same document as the Seahawks in "79.

However on this day, Seattle looked choose absolute shit. Back in your favor, they just turned the ball over one time. It might just be a historical anomaly, but it"s still in the record publications as perhaps the most embarrassing anomaly in team history -- and also this is a franchise that average 5.9 clues per game over the an initial 10 games of the 1992 season.

"Who will save us?!" a mrs (me) shrieks native the earlier of the room.

Well, like a wounded soldier the his comrades don"t want to leave behind but he to know his fate is sealed... Conserve yourself!

The Seahawks currently have the ideal defense in the NFL. Also though it"s just been 2 games, playing versus the offenses of Carolina and San Francisco, they are an initial in scoring defense, complete defense, turnovers forced, first in fumbles forced, they room that annoying commentor that claims "first" ~ above a article board, 4th in interceptions, first in happen yards allowed, continue to be firsty mine friends, an initial in happen touchdowns allowed, first in our hearts, first in rushing touchdowns allowed, and fourth in an initial downs allowed.

Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton have combined to walk 29-of-51 for 229 yards, one touchdown and also three interceptions. Seattle is enabling 5.1 yards every carry however teams have actually not been able to run it the often. The Seahawks have four sacks thus far yet only just gained Michael Bennett earlier and may acquire Chris Clemons ago this week. They may also get earlier Brandon Browner, possibly giving them 2 of their top starters back on defense the they didn"t have actually while they dominated the Panthers and also 49ers offenses.

Okay, so what? as talented as they may be, it"s quiet going to call for a miracle to allow an adverse eight yards over whole game. Well if it"s a miracle that you require, take into consideration Jacksonville the baby Jesus.

All due respect come my girlfriend (I hope) Alfie crow at huge Cat Country, the Jaguars space a long means away from completing but likewise feature a league-worst violation that might or might not benefit from the lack of Blaine Gabbert. They nearly certainly wouldn"t benefit from the lack of Maurice Jones-Drew, however.

The Jags have actually scored 11 points. Jacksonville began off the season through a lead once they clogged a punt versus the Chiefs and also scored a security to command 2-0. They have actually been outscored 47-9 ever since.

Jacksonville obtained 178 complete yards versus the Chiefs in mainly 1 and turned it over twice. Gabbert to be injured and also replaced through Chad Henne. This past week they played the Oakland Raiders and gained 248 complete yards, many of which came in huge chunks towards the finish of the game, scoring their very first touchdown the the year when Henne fight Clay Harbor with 2:57 come go and trailing by 16 points.

Bryan Anger, the punter selected front of Russell Wilson, had 155 much more punting yards 보다 anyone else in the NFL and likely will end up with a comfortable command in the category.

Gabbert is doubtful. Jones-Drew, who had 10 carries for 27 yards against Oakland, is questionable. Tight end Marcedes Lewis, who hasn"t yet played this year, is likewise questionable. Please, simply sign Tim Tebow!

For any kind of one the those positions, really.

The beginning quarterback can be Henne, though if he"s worse than Gabbert is one ongoing dispute in Jacksonville. The beginning running ago could be a man named Jordan Todman (six carries because that nine yards this year) despite he may be spelled by Michigan"s starting QB critical year (Denard Robinson, 3 carries because that one yard.)

Starting receiver Justin Blackmon, the fifth as whole pick in 2012 that had 865 yards together a rookie, is suspended. Critical season"s breakout, Cecil Shorts, is doing the best that he deserve to do and also has 11 catches for 133 yards. Rookie Ace Sanders is 2nd on the team v eight catches and 78 yards, 59 of which come in the last 4 minutes versus Oakland.

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Adam Stites in ~ BCC also damaged down some stats about what the Jags space on a (very, very early) speed to do:

Fewest point out in a 16-game season:

Current record - 1991 Indianapolis Colts: 143

2013 Jaguars pace: 88

Fewest TDs in a 16-game season:

Current record - 1991 Indianapolis Colts: 14

2013 Jaguars pace: 8

many punts in a season:

Current document - 1981 Chicago Bears/2002 Houston Texans: 114

2013 Jaguars pace: 152

And currently they travel to Seattle to take it on the number one defense. It"s the immovable thing versus the immovable object.

Could the Seahawks execute their very own franchise a favor and break the document for fewest total yards permitted in a game? more than likely not. Could both of this teams move towards some historically-relevant number after three gamings of play?