Simple method to discover the right SWIFT/BIC password for your transaction. Discover SWIFT/BIC password based on financial institution or country to find the right financial institutions or branches. Or, if you have the code, you can use our virtual SWIFT/BIC checking tool to make sure.

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Input SWIFT / BIC code to check, and also find which bank has that code.

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Just entry the country and also bank details below.

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How SWIFT code functions at BCA bank?

SWIFT password is required to help the transaction’s verification procedure for BCA bank’s customers. For a transaction to succeed, the client is forced to know the SWIFT code. The SWIFT code is always located at the former of your bank account number. Different from the financial institution code which make of 3 number numbers; SWIFT code is a mix of resources letters and also numbers that make between 8 and also 11 digits sequence.

What is a SWIFT code at BCA bank?

A distinct code i m sorry is known as SWIFT code as soon as making a deliver from BCA bank to other nations is an abbreviation - society for worldwide Interbank gaue won Telecommunications. This is actually an association the connects thousands of security agencies and corporate client in more than 200 nations all around the world, v the purpose of ensuring the protection of online money transactions, specifically when sending / receiving money in between BCA bank and other countries. An additional purpose of the SWIFT password is to alleviate the to work risk when making transactions, setting a standard, and also minimizing the amount of transaction fee.

How to discover the SWIFT code at BCA bank?

SWIFT/BIC codes of BCA financial institution consist of 8-11 characters which identify the Bank’s name, country code, City, and the details that the location of the bank itself.

Bank Code

First 4 digits space the bank code. This password is generally an initial of the bank’s name which is composed of the alphabet A-Z.

Country Code

The next two digits room the nation code of the place where the financial institution is located. This code is composed of a combination of alphabet characters A-Z.

Location Code

This ar code deserve to be a two digits of letters or numbers which shows the ar from the head office that the bank.

Branch password (Optional)

Next is a 3 digits mix of letters or number which shows the branch password specifically.

For example, the SWIFT password from JAKARTA branch of BCA bank is CENAIDJAXXX

From that code we have the right to know that very first 4 letter is the surname of Bank main ASIA. Then, the next two letters room the country code identifier Indonesia, which is ID. JA is the location code of the BCA financial institution head office located in Jakarta. Last three digits is the branch code for the Jakarta city area.


Bank Code


Country Code


Location Code


Branch code

When execute you require a SWIFT password / BIC?

If you’re sending out or receiving money internationally between banks, an especially international cable transfers or SEPA payments, you may be asked for a SWIFT code. SWIFT codes aid banks to procedure transfers native abroad.


Where have the right to I uncover my SWIFT password / BIC?

Usually you can discover your bank’s SWIFT code / BIC in your bank account statements. Friend can additionally use ours SWIFT password / BIC finder to uncover the appropriate code for her transfer.

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