Explanation and Commentary of Luke 12:34

Preoccupation and worry around money is a joy-killer for most of the human being race, well-off or poor. Exactly how one safety money, and why, states a lot around the love of a male or a woman. Carry out they think the the civilization is a place of scarcity and zero-sum? then they will be miserly and afraid to offer to others. However if they believe Jesus’s words around God’s provision and the numerous life, then they will watch nothing to shed by being generous and also giving openly of their money.

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Jesus is also pointing out that our money and how we invest it speak volumes around what we love, that is, wherein our mind are. For instance, if you invest all your money on customer goods that are marketed because that the sake of mirroring status, it reflects that you probably have an problem with status, the appearance of importance. If you invest all your money on clothes, then you obviously care a good deal about looking good. If you store up all your treasure because that the future, it might mean the there is are afraid in her heart around retirement, and you most likely spend a many time hoping in the future, once you have the right to kick ago and take it it easy.

This additionally works in reverse. If you would favor for your heart to be moved to a particular place, then put your money in the place. If you give a the majority of your money away for the sake of Christ, that is, towards his mission, towards the poor, or some various other biblical cause, climate you will find your love dwelling more and more on God, heaven, and also the high quality of your eternal existence. God to plan at production for mankind to exist with wealth of resources. In together a world, generosity is easy. Jesus involved restore us to such a world, and by faith, we should flourish in existing that way by being generous and also trusting God.

Breaking down the an essential Parts of Luke 12:34

#1 “For…” This connect the city to the previous section that claims to market your possessions and give come the poor. Together a verse must be well balanced with other verses that say to occupational to administer a living for oneself and also one’s family members (2 Thes 3:10; 1 Tim 5:8), and the basic logic the stewardship begins with care for your most basic possession, your very own body.

#2 “…where her treasure is,” What do you care about and what execute you invest money on? That mirrors what is essential to you.

#3 “there your heart will be also.” In this context, the heart is the mind and also hope. If your heart, your mind, and also hope room in heaven, there will be evidence in your spending.

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Bible research on Luke 12:34

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Biblical Translations of Luke 12:34

NIV “For wherein your sweetheart is, there her heart will certainly be also.”

NLT “Wherever her treasure is, there the desire of your heart will additionally be.”

ESV “For wherein your treasure is, there will your love be also.”

KJV “For where your endowment is, there will your heart be also.”

NKJV “For wherein your treasure is, there her heart will be also.”


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