The initial joke? no that funny. We"ve got some way better reasons for chicken (and numerous other things) crossing the road.

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We’re going to current the warm take that we don’t think the hoax “Why walk the chicken cross the road?” “To get to the various other side” is all the funny. It very first appeared in one 1847 execution of the brand-new York-based magazine The Knickerbocker—and, to be fair, the newspaper did present it as an example of a lame beat line. “There space ‘quips and quillets’ which seem actual conundrums, but yet are none,” the entrance wrote. The “joke” is for this reason unfunny and also obvious the it really belongs with these anti-jokes. But it’s become so ubiquitous that it’s spawned all sorts of variations, parodies, and also jokes about other points crossing the road. (And, for the matter, better punch lines because that the road-crossing chicken!) here are several of our favorites. And if “why walk the chicken cross the road” jokes simply aren’t enough for you, chick—er, check out our complete collection the chicken puns. We’ve also got hit knock jokes because that kids and “what carry out you call…” jokes.


Why did the person/object cross the road?

Why did Adele cross the road? to say hello from the various other side!

Why go the clown overcome the road? to retrieve his rubber chicken.

Why didn’t the skeleton overcome the road? because he didn’t have actually the guts.

How did the egg overcome the road? the scrambled across!

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Why go the strawberry overcome the road? There to be a traffic jam!

Why walk the gum overcome the road? It to be stuck to the chicken’s foot.

Why walk the PowerPoint presentation cross the road? To acquire to the various other slide.

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And finally…the joke to finish all “why go the chicken overcome the road” jokes

Why did the chicken overcome the road? come knock-knock ~ above the door, walk right into the bar, and readjust the lightbulb.