The long-running procedural crime drama "Criminal Minds" has acquired a substantial following over its 15-season run. The captivating present centers ~ above the FBI"s Behavioral analysis Unit, i beg your pardon analyzes the actions of serial killers in an attempt to prevent additional violence. The agents at the facility of "Criminal Minds" have varied a bit, however some fans" everlasting favorites encompass supervisory distinct agent Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), an elderly supervisory distinct agent David Rossi (Joe Mantegna), supervisory certified dealer Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore), supervisory unique agent Jennifer "JJ" Jareau (A. J. Cook), and, of course, the BAU technical analyst and communications liaison Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness).

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Garcia is well-loved for her bubbly and also funny disposition — not to mention her flirty partnership with Morgan. When she"s been known for she flamboyant looks and also bright personality, she wasn"t constantly portrayed that way. In one illustration of "Criminal Minds," we acquire a look in ~ Garcia"s backstory, and also while it"s an interesting peek into her life before joining the BAU, part fans can"t get through the entire episode there is no cringing.

In Season 9 episode 12, we meet Garcia before she joins the BAU. The episode opens up with she in one interrogation room after having been arrested because that hacking into a cosmetics company"s database. We automatically see a difference in her appearance and also personality — she"s donning much an ext goth clothing and also has a sarcastic, brooding method of speaking. Senior supervisory unique agent Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) offers her the opportunity to occupational with the BAU quite than confront jail time, and the rest is history.

Further in the episode, Garcia is tasked v asking her hacker ex-boyfriend Shane cable (Paulo Costanzo) to help the BAU recuperate some files. She renders her return together her hacking bad-girl alter ego "The black color Queen," complete with lift music and also her signature goth clothes. Not only that, yet she goes therefore far as to kiss a nerdy hacker to "prove" the she"s end Wyeth — a moment that some could say ran completely too long.

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"Criminal Minds" fans who couldn"t take care of the cringe of the episode required to Reddit to vent your feelings. User u/shortmallows wrote, "I"m rewatching because that the billionth time, and I"m in ~ the Garcia backstory episode, whereby she dram the black Queen. As lot as ns love Kirsten, she cannot play this dark and mysterious person they say Garcia was. I"m favor physically cringing in ~ the scenes of she from "the past." one more Redditor called u/eli454 agreed, confessing, "I just skip the whenever i rewatch the episode." User u/MayaJ_89 bluntly added, "I average the scene when she start the "hacker den" v aaaaall the sound and also light effects. If i owned a gun, I"d shooting the TV. Multiple times."

Though Garcia"s backstory illustration is certainly skippable, that did offer us the "flarpy blunderguff" line. So, there"s that.