Anyone who owns, or has owned, a 2 stroke outboard would have actually asked us the question; how much oil do I mix v my fuel? 100:1, 50:1 or 25:1?It is just one of the many asked questions for those forced to pre-mix their oil and also fuel together. Listed below I have listed the oil ratios resmashville247.netmended by manufacturers and also a few tips based on my experience.

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100:1 - Mix 50ml of oil every 5ltrs the fuel. Resmashville247.netmended by Yamaha and Suzuki for many of their tiny two punch engines increase to around 30hp, this proportion requires the least amount of TCW3 two stroke oil. The an outcome of using this proportion (less oil) is reduced spark plug fouling and also less smoke.For enlarge Suzuki outboards, pre-1997, I"d resmashville247.netmend running 50:1 together the info I"ve noted about is for existing model two strokes.Note: for smashville247.netmercial applications Suzuki resmashville247.netmends 50:1.50:1 - Mix 100ml the oil per 5ltrs of fuel.Resmashville247.netmended through Mercury, Mariner, Tohatsu, Johnson and Evinrude this is my preferred ratio for every outboards including Yamaha and Suzuki. You have the right to confidently usage this ratio for any horse power and just about all year models. Whilst this ratio might see spark plugs fouling with expanded use at reduced RPM (such together trolling), in mine opinion, it gives the best amount that lubrication for her outboard.25:1 - Mix 200ml of oil per 5ltrs that fuel.This mixture is really rich and is typically resmashville247.netmended for running in brand brand-new two punch outboards and also when to run in rebuilt or reconditioned engines.If you have actually a rebuilt or reconditioned oil injected two stroke outboard (excluding Evinrude ETEC or Mercury Optimax) climate you"ll simply need to include 50:1 to your fuel and also let the oil injection system include the rest of the oil to make up the balance to get to 25:1.Most technicians will have their very own opinion or see on how long you have to run the 25:1 ratio for but, I constantly resmashville247.netmend between 8 and 10 hours. Unfortunately, you will certainly foul plugs at this ratio and leave a really impressive smoke plume ~ above engine start up but, outboards that have actually been rebuilt or reconditioned need this extra oil when the piston ring bed right into the bores.Oil ratios can be confusing and also daunting. The last point anyone wants to perform is no use sufficient oil and damage their pride and also joy.Hopefully, the over answers any questions you might have and gives you a much better understanding of what ratio your outboard requires.Shop for Penriteoutboard oil & lubricants here.

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We combined 25:1 because that old 70hp evenrude motor ran ok. On trailer reved alright and also ideld ok however on water motor kept dieing and cutting out when beginning to load power up could this trouble just it is in too much oil mixOutboard Spares Response Hi,This can be a number of issues such as faulty fuel pump, carburetors needing cleaning, ignition issue, etc. I think running 25:1 will certainly not it is in the worry with this engine.
Hi guys please assist. I have actually these 2 motors however do not understand the fuel mixture as part old little motors use to run a 100:1 ratios whereby as many are 50:1. How will i know. I likewise do know that completely synthetic has its own mixture choose 75:1.

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Outboard Spares Response Hi,If ns owned one of these engines I'd be running 50:1 v a decent TCW3 2 hit engine oil designed because that pre-mix. If you're act a most idling and also slow trolling you might reduce the ratio a bit if you found you room fouling plugs yet honestly ns think 50:1 must be fine.Cheers
A good Rule Of ignorance on 2 punch oilsmall engines = less oil 100-1 / 50-1Engines prior to 2000 and also beyond large or little 50-1new engines 25-1 / 20 to 40 liters
Are friend able to usage the very same oil together for aircooled engines such together chainsaws etcOutboard Spares Response Hmmm. Good question. Outboard oils space designed for water-cooled engines. I would not indicate it. Cheers
Is the claimed ratios necessary for huge hp 2 strokes . Year 2000 front . As most are oil injected still .What's the reason for adding oil to the fuel mix if the engine is to run fine . No rebuild ect . Sheep it conserve oil gift injected .Outboard Spares Response If her outboard is oil injected, and also hasn't to be rebuilt, climate you won't require to include any oil to your fuel. But including oil to her fuel will certainly not readjust the quantity injected by the engines oil injection system.
Simple division 1000ml or 1 litre the petrol by ratio = the forced amount the oil per litre the fueli.e 1000 / 50:1 = 20ml that oil every litre the fuelOr I.e 1000 ml the petrol division by 100:1= 10mls of oil per litre