Dressed in a nurse’s uniform, snapping a rubber glove and also giving a learning look to the camera, Blink-182 album smashville247.netver star Janine Lindemulder concerned be virtually as renowned as the band she to be promoting.

The image, i beg your pardon adorned the smashville247.netver the Enema that The State in 1999, observed Lindemulder’s profile as an adult actress and exotic dancer skyrocket.

But times have changed, and while photos of Lindemulder smashville247.netntinue to it is in circulated, this time they"re in the kind of a series of less-than-flattering mug shots.

Heavily-tattooed Lindemulder was previously married come Jesse James (Sandra Bullock’s ex), v the pair engaging in a bitter fight over custody of their daughter Sunny.

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Lindemulder, currently 43, was arrested in January 2011 ~ above three exceptional harassment warrants. She was arrested again in July ~ James declared she had been harassing the via telephone, E! reported.

In 2008, Lindenmulder to be sentenced to six months behind bars because that insmashville247.netme tax evasion. She likewise was arrested on suspicion of assaulting James at your California home before their divorce.

Thank you come Reddit for bringing Lindemulder’s fairly sad change to our attention.




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