Everyone rejoiced as soon as the 10th Diary that a Wimpy kid novel, Old School, hit shelves last fall. Yet after speedily devouring that series’ newest title, Wimpy kid fans to be left wanting more—that is, more scathing observations, an ext loopy humor, and an ext family hijinks. To birds them over until writer Jeff Kinney provides us book 11 (we’re ready any type of time now!), here room some readalike crowd-pleasers, and a pair of brand new novels with genuine crossover appeal.

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Roller Girl, by Victoria JamiesonLike the Wimpy Kid books, this coming of age junior high tale (and 2016 Newbery respect book!) helps middle grade reader embrace, and also find the awesome, in the crazy whirlwind your lives have actually become. The heroine, Astrid, realizes the her passions aren’t the same as the of her elementary institution friend anymore, and also as she comes to love roller derby she learns who she is, and just how strong she can be. This wonderful new girl power review will help anyone check out that gift themselves is the best.


Crenshaw by Katherine ApplegateA giant imaginary cat called Crenshaw help a boy called Jackson discover the courage to overcome daunting times as homelessness looms in his family’s future. Together he helps him find beauty and also love in the small things, Crenshaw brings Jackson hope, and also may just save him and his love ones. A important heartwarming story the helps repeat us that love and also hope space everywhere, and also that everyone has value.

Fantastic Beasts and also Where to uncover Them by Newt Scamander and J. K. RowlingWritten together if this were among Harry and Ron’s textbooks indigenous Hogwarts, Fantastic Beasts is filled with clever “handwritten” notes from characters, fabulous descriptions of miracle creatures, and wonderful illustrations. Together an added bonus, there is a brand-new Fantastic Beasts and Where to find Them movie coming to theaters next fall. Potter fans will love the references, Wimpy Kid fans will certainly dig the illustrations and the funny marginalia, and also everyone will certainly be excited as soon as the movie comes out. Obtain out in former of the excited early—you i will not ~ be sorry!


story from a Not-So-Perfect pets Sitter (Dork Diaries series #10)

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Tales from a Not-So-Perfect pet Sitter (Dork Diaries series #10) by Rachel Renée RussellWritten in a similar layout to the Wimpy Kid series, the diary of self-proclaimed dorky girl Nikki Maxwell will certainly thrill readers together she takes on 7 adorable puppies in this newest adventure. V her girlfriend at her side, and also her arch-nemesis at her back, Nikki needs to keep these puppies out of everyone’s—and she means everyone’s— way. If your reader isn’t up to speed with the series, they have the right to kick points off through a box collection of the very first three, and then castle can dorkify their own diaries! pan of the series will also be excited come pre-order a copy of the first book in a brand brand-new diary-style series by the same author, The Misadventures of Max Crumbly.

Wonder, by R. J. PalacioLooking for an additional story the acceptance and also perseverance? center grade readers have been flocking to the story of respectable Pullman because it was first published in 2012. Auggie is a center schooler who suffers native a rare craniofacial deformity, but he manages to attend school for the an initial time many thanks to a press from some fantastic adults, and a few new friend who think in him. Author R.J. Palacio also includes a few Wimpy Kid references in the book—just one more reason that fans the one will joyfully fall in love v the other. If her young reader currently loves Auggie, pick up Auggie & Me: three Wonder Stories, a arsenal of stories centered approximately the characters from the above novel.

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The Last youngsters on planet (Last youngsters on Earth series #1)

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The Last kids on Earth by Max Brallier and Doug HolgateJeff Kinney, the author of the Diary that a Wimpy Kid series, has called The Last children on Earth “Terrifyingly fun”—and what bigger seal that approval have the right to a publication get for Wimpy child fans? It’s perfect for youngsters who want a humorous introduction come zombies the is an ext about laughs that thrills. Over there is likewise the promise of more books come come, so cave onto your braaains.

What books are on the list for your Wimpy Kid fan?

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