Following a season through episodes devoted to music heavyweights Lady Gaga and Madonna, "Glee" appears to be continuing its "go huge or go home" strategy this fall. Therefore it provides sense that during Tuesday night"s season-two premiere the the pop society phenom, the display opted to cover among 2009"s greatest songs by two of the industry"s greatest names: Jay-Z and also Alicia Keys" rousing brand-new York anthem "Empire State that Mind."

The actors filled in for the piano in ~ the song"s outset, bop-bop-bopping the song"s now-iconic opened bars (originally sampled native the Moments" "Love top top a Two-Way Street"). Jay-Z"s dedications come his hometown were left in the hand (or pipes, rather) that Kevin McHale, Cory Monteith and also Mark Salling, while Amber Riley and also Lea Michele belted the end Keys" love declaration come the "concrete tropical where dreams are do of." While it didn"t quite have actually the very same gravitas as the original, it absolutely had us tapping our feet favor some of your McKinley High classmates.

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"Empire State that Mind" to be released top top Jay-Z"s 2009 platinum LP The Blueprint 3, which contained other hit tracks choose "On to the following One," "Young Forever" and also "Run This Town." but the song about "street lights, huge dreams, every lookin" pretty," which became Jay-Z"s very first #1 ~ above the Billboard warm 100, had some fairly humble beginnings.

As Billboard report in December, Angela Hunte and also her writing companion Jane"t "Jnay" Sewell-Ulepic composed the an initial version of the track when they were feeling homesick for their native new York. The 2 were in London when Hunte said they realized, "We complain so much about new York — about the liven streets, around the crowds and the pushing, about the subway mechanism — yet I would profession that for anything ideal now. ... Prior to we left the hotel the night, us knew we would certainly write a song around our city."

When they sent out the track off to Roc country they at first received an unfavorable feedback, yet EMI"s Jon "Big Jon" Platt ultimately heard it in ~ a barbecue and also thought the track would it is in perfect for Jay-Z. And, that turned out, Shawn Carter love the song too. Jay-Z (who, in addition to Hunte, once lived in a Brooklyn structure that it s okay a shout-out) and other credited writers wound up making brand-new verses motivated by the initial lyrics. Once Hunte and also Sewell-Ulepic to be asked who need to take over their singing part, they suggested Alicia Keys. The remainder is history.

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"Empire State of Mind" was officially exit on October 20, 2009, yet the duo perform it in ~ a bevy the events before then, including Hov"s "Answer the Call" 9/11 benefit concert and also the 2009 video clip Music Awards. Perhaps many memorably, Jay-Z and Keys sang it in ~ Yankee stadium (despite Jay-Z"s boast in the tune that he deserve to "make a Yankee hat much more famous 보다 a Yankee can") for game 2 that the 2009 people Series.

"Empire" has now gotten in a new chapter with its "Glee" treatment, and also it"s currently garnered some confident responses from those nearest come the song. ~ above her official website, Keys, who consisted of the follow-up song "Empire State of mind (Part II) damaged Down" on her 2009 album The element of Freedom, posted, "The kids from "Glee" did an remarkable version the "Empire State the Mind." "