Typical engine data sensor and control component areas on the GM 3.1 / 3.4 together V6 engine.

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1. Fuel press regulator 2. Idle Air manage Motor (IAC)3. Mass airflow sensor (MAF)4. Throttle Body 5. Throttle position Sensor (TPS) 6. Fuel Injector7. PCV Valve8. Coolant Temp sensor (ECT)9. Evap Purge Solenoid10. EGR Valve11. Intake waiting Temp Sensor (IAT)12. MAP sensor•3.1L / 3.4L Serpentine Belt Routing Diagram

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Question: I have a 2001 Pontiac grand Prix that quit running, I have actually put a brand-new fuelpump, and brand-new computer crate on it, yet it still no start. Can you aid me,,please, that is driving crazy Answer: over there are method too many things that can cause the car tostall and not start. Perform you have actually spark, fuel pressure,injector pulse, theft or protection light ~ above dash, etc. Youneed to start by diagnosing the basics.

1994 grand prix 6 cylinder engine. Auto stared missing, to be told it to be EVAP purgesolenoid. Changed it and drove well for brief time and also problem started again and also againwas told it to be EVAP purge solenoid. Why is this keep going over and also over again. Whatcan ns do? The purge solenoid would not be resulting in an enginemisfire. The would cause a check engine light yes, yet notaffect the way the engine runs.

I have a 1994 Buick Century and in the critical month or therefore the engine began making a noisethat sounds as if it were literally to be a diesel engine. Once opening the hood one mightthere to be very small or no oil comes up to top end. Give thanks to You It is possible you have actually low oil pressure, a negative lifter, ormore likely one of the rocker arm studs has actually pulled the end ofthe cylinder head. This would likewise cause a misfire onthat cylinder. Remove valve covers for inspectionseems the following step after check oil pressure.

How perform I eliminate the TPS shaft from the accelerator body? It appears stuck from the ideal side(as viewed from the vehicle drivers side). The small piece will not come apart on that side torelease the shaft. If you are trying to eliminate the throttle plate shaft fromthe body, it can not be done. If you have a problem, thethrottle body demands to be replaced as one assembly.

i have a Chevy Impala the keeps saying short coolant level however theres no leak that ican see and also we readjusted the thermostat and reset the computer system in the car and it tho saysthat, what could it be? The temperature sensor? Cannot it is in the temperature sensor or thermostat. Thelight to speak "LOW COOLANT". If the coolant is low, youhave a leak and need to acquire it inspected closely. If it isnot low, then you may have a level sensor problem.

1999 Pontiac cool Prix require to know where the low coolant sensor is. The lightflashed low coolant all the time and it has plenty of coolant and its not running hot at all. The short coolant level sensor is in the passenger next ofthe radiator. Listed below the radiator cap. It is a square blacksensor that snaps into the radiator and held with a clip.

I have a 2000 chevy impala and temp gauge rises to the red but I don"t heard any type of overheating or boil noises however I carry out hear a type of hissing noise. What could it be? The tempsensor I"m guessing. If the temp gauge is going right into the red, the is overheatingwhether girlfriend hear that or not. You"d have to shot and uncover theexact cause. It can be anything from a water pump,intake gasket, head gaskets or even radiator. Ns highlydoubt friend just have a bad temp sensor. Acquire it checkedout soon, or you"ll finish up shedding the engine.

2004 grand Am gt 3400 v6 and also it wont start. The security light isn"t on yet its notgetting any type of spark and i i do not know hear the fuel pump. Fuses and the ignition module isn"tgetting juice together with others. Changed fuse same result. You have to re-check all her connections, and makesure all vacuum lines space connected and routed properly.If the idled fine prior to you go the heads, it has to besomething girlfriend did in the reassembly process. If the seemslike it running rough, girlfriend may have switched push rodpositions by accident, that will reason the vehicle to die out orrun rough. If the examine engine light is on, gain the codescanned to see what can be causing the trouble.

I have actually a 2001 Olds Alero, 3.4L. I have actually been having troubles with the Temperature gaugeworking when it desires to. In ~ time it will occupational fine, other times that will totally drop out andthe electric fans will certainly kick on. That will at some point come back on, ~ above it"s own. I"ve checked thefuses, they whereby good.. I"ve changed the Temp sensor and also it"s had the same issue. I"veohmmed out the harness and also it is good. The wires are not frayed or broken. I have noclue at what else to look at at.. Any suggestions??? friend think it could be the gauge it"s self? Probably not a difficulty in the dash gauges, since thefans come on. The dash go not manage the fans, thegauge mirrors what the computer system thinks the temperatureis. One of two people a wiring trouble or poor computer.

My 2004 3.4L has a beginning issue when the engine is warm. It starts finewhen the engine is cold. I deserve to barely action on the gas pedal as soon as it is warmand it will certainly start appropriate up. I have actually cleaned approximately the throttle body butterflyand this did no help. Any type of ideas what might be leading to this? i did also seewhen cleaning the butterfly that there is a opening simply past the butterflyabout the dimension of a dime that goes down had some carbon develop up comingout of it. Ns cleaned it the end what i could but did not help. That opened is the idle waiting passage for the manage valve(IAC). Sounds favor you have an idle valve that is notworking. Girlfriend could try to remove it and clean it real good.

2000 Chevy Impala 3.8 and my heat acquire hot once riding in mine neighbor but onlyblow out warmth air as soon as riding top top the highway. What deserve to I do to do my heater punch hotair at all time. First examine the coolant level. If the is OK, you can haveone of number of problems- A difficult thermostat, pluggedheater core, temperature door actuator motor in thedash, etc. Any type of one can be faulty.

1994 Buick century with a 3.1 recently replaced fuel pump. Won"t begin yet have 40psi fuel press at the fuel rail. Runs great when beginning fluid is sprayed up the intake soI have spark I have no idea those wrong and also it"s control me increase the wall. Sounds prefer you are loosing fuel injector pulse. This iscontrolled by the PCM. Inspect all fuses, then examine with atest light the the injectors are gaining a signal come fire.

Chevy Berreta 3.1 running well-off can"t obtain the organization engine irradiate to walk off. Ihave changed plugs,fuel filter, regulator egr valve,air filter cleaned port in intakethat goes to EGR. Any type of ideas. Thanks. If you are sure the is to run rich, the EGR has actually nothing todo through it. What codes do you have stored. If the is rich andthe fuel push regulator (FPR) go not resolve it, climate yourcar probably has actually a leaking fuel injector.

1998 Pontiac grand Prix SE 3.1L engine. The car won"t pull a hill in the higher gear,especially once the auto is warm. ( pulls it somewhat far better when cold ). And even on aflat surface, I simply can"t take it off and throttle as quick I want to. It"s a slow-moving acceleration. Sounds prefer a possibly low fuel pressure condition orplugged catalytic converter. Acquire the computer codesscanned first. May give a direction to the problem.

Problems v a Pontiac cool Am that is simply very daunting to begin it sounds choose ifit is acquiring to lot fuel, since wen I push the gas fifty percent way the start. Although the does itwith an obstacle and for the very first seconds the engine sounds choose it is walking to rotate of and also itsmokes black. Then it beginning to role very normal and also acceleration is good. Does anybody has any type of idea what can cause this issue? Sounds prefer a leaking fuel push regulator causing arich condition. Simply pull the vacuum hose turn off of the after ithas been turn off for a couple of minutes and look for gas come comeout the it.

I have actually a 2001 Buick Century press on gas loud whistling no strength after half throttle noisegoes away have the right to not acquire overt 30 mph can it it is in converter. The noise you space hearing is the exhaust do the efforts toescape however cannot due to the fact that your auto has a pluggedcatalytic converter.

2003 Alero 3400. Turbulent idle, operation fine otherwise. Gas odor in passenger compartmentwhile driving. EGR issue? Fuel injector issue? A leaking fuel press regulator (FPR) or astuck open up fuel injector bring about a rich problem andsmell of gas in the car.

Chevy Monte Carlo Z34 as soon as the external temp is much less than 50 the cold carrevs 5000rpm then dies. This go on till the car warms up climate it runs fine. It runs finewhen the outside temp is over 50. No codes are stored. I have the exact same car and theexact same problem, I have actually cleaned the accelerator body, fuel injectors and MAF Sensor,changed a broken intake manifold gasket, changed the IAC, PCV, and also EGR valves, and itSTILL walk it. Next thing I"m going to look at, and probably should have looked in ~ sooneris the Intake wait Temperature sensor. If you have actually the 3400 twin overhead camer engine (DOHC)then you have actually a lower intake leaking vacuum.

Pontiac Aztec 3400 leaks coolant as soon as the motor is warm back behind the backhead up by the valve cover behind the alternator there is no coolant in the oil yet dontleak when the automobile is cold and also haven"t been running cant uncover or watch what would becausing this problem. The rear head gasket is leaking. You should most likely doboth since it most likely has over heated.

Where space the O2 sensors located on a V6, 3.4L Oldsmobile Alero.

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 One is in the rear exhaust manifold, the other is after thecatalytic converter.