Gossip Girl"s identification turned the end to be rather controversial... But it was originally meant to it is in somebody totally different.

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Dan Humphrey, played by pen Badgley, was revealed to be the cotton blogger terrorising the Upper eastern Side – a quite divisive move.

On the tenth anniversary of the show, executive producer Joshua Safran explained that there were 2 other significant possibilities that they considered before they landed on Lonely Boy.

The an initial choice? None various other than Serena"s brother Eric valve der Woodsen (Connor Paolo).

The CW

"I constantly thought it to be Eric until the finish of season two, and also I also guided it the way," that told Vulture.

"But as soon as the New York Post revealed it was Eric – and I still don"t know how that happened, i think lock were simply guessing – we realised us couldn"t go down that roadway anymore, so we abandoned him."

That"s a shame.

The CW

The producers also considered Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford). Safran stated that this was largely because he never ever sent any type of tips come the blogger.

"But in the end, it had to be Dan," Vulture"s piece continued, "because Dan"s a writer, observer, and also could create in different styles".

This wasn"t the just revelation revealed by the show"s producers.

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We also learned that Jennifer Lawrence go up against Blake Lively to play the lead part of Serena.

Creator josh Schwartz shared: "We did no realise this in ~ the time, however Jennifer Lawrence really want to play Serena and also auditioned.

"This story concerned us secondhand, yet we were told she absolutely auditioned and also was bummed come not obtain it."

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