The epididymis (plural, epididymides) is a strictly coiled mass of slim tubes the carries sperm from the testes come the ductus deferens in the masculine reproductive system. Sperm matures together it passes v the epididymis so that it is prepared to fertilize ova by the time it enters the ductus deferens.

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The epididymis is a crescent-shaped coil of thin tubules located inside the scrotum and posterior come the testis. The entire mass the the epididymis is in reality a single, 20-foot-long (six-meter) tubule that has actually been coiled upon chin so tightly the the entire mass that the epididymis is only around 1.5 customs (4 cm) long. Proceed Scrolling to Read an ext Below...




ongoing From Above... beginning at the efferent tubules the the testis, the tubule the the epididymis winds over the optimal of the testis and also then down the posterior side. Then, close to the bottom that the testis, it transforms 180 degrees and continues superiorly before joining the ductus deferens.

The epididymis have the right to be divided into three significant regions: the head, body, and also tail. The head is the widest and most exceptional region, i beg your pardon receives sperm indigenous the efferent ducts of the testis. Worse to the head is the body, i beg your pardon is slightly narrow in diameter 보다 the head and descends follow me the posterior leaf of the testis. Finally, the tail is the small inferior part of the epididymis; it joins through the ductus deferens.

The tubule of the epididymis is made of a pseudostratified columnar epithelium lining surrounded by a class of connective tissue and smooth muscle. A special feature of the lining the the epididymis is the existence of stereocilia — long, branching microvilli that rise the surface ar area that the lining cells. Stereocilia aid the lining that the epididymis to absorb overabundance fluids native the hollow lumen the the epididymis, along with dead or defective sperm. The smooth muscle tissue contracts in tide of peristalsis to progressively push the sperm follow me the length of the epididymis towards the ductus deferens.

When sperm very first enters the epididymis indigenous the testis, that is very immature and diluted through a relatively large volume of liquid. The smooth muscle that the epididymis pushes the sperm along tubule with slow-moving waves that peristalsis, so the the sperm traverse its whole 20-foot length in about two weeks. Throughout this time the sperm is gave with nutrient secreted native the lining that the epididymis and incubated while that matures. Every defective and dead sperm, together with most of the liquid medium, room slowly absorbed by the body to concentrate the sperm, which have the right to be save in the epididymis for as much as a month. ~ a month in the epididymis, sperm start to expire and are soaked up by stereocilia and also replaced by younger sperm. Together sperm is required for ejaculation, it moves from the epididymis come the ductus deferens and also onward right into the masculine reproductive tract.

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