It was only two years after The Half-Blood Prince that The Deathly Hallows came to describe the circumstances and reasoning behind the fan-favorite character’s death. So, go Dumbledore yes, really die?

The brief answer is yes. The short answer to the question of who killed him and why, would certainly be that Snape murdered him, gift a traitor all along. At least that’s what fans assumed until the seventh and last book of the collection came out. Harry Potter and also the Deathly Hallows, however, came to tell a an extremely different story.

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In the finale that the fantasy, series readers got accessibility to Snape’s memories around several occasions that happened during or prior to the timeline the the books – consisting of the circumstances of Dumbledore’s death.

It is revealed that Snape, that felt guilty because that unintentionally allowing the death of Lily Potter who he loved, decided to act together a double spy; Dumbledore’s people thought that the former fatality Eater had actually joined their side, while the fatality Eaters believed that Snape was only spying, while actually being dedicated to the dark side.


The series provides lot of of opportunities to concern Snape’s loyalties and only at the moment of his death are us 100% particular that he was in reality loyal come Dumbledore. Native Snape’s accounts around Voldemort and the death Eaters, Dumbledore had the ability to organize his counterattack.

It turns out that Dumbledore’s plan reached further than most fans can guess; as much as his death and also beyond. Shortly prior to the events of The Half-Blood Prince began, the headmaster that Hogwarts had come in content v a powerful ring i beg your pardon was in reality a Horcrux. If Snape controlled to save the ring’s angry power, component of it continued to be in Dumbledore’s body and was going to death him really soon.


Meanwhile, Dumbledore was educated that Draco Malfoy had been tasked through Voldemort with murdering him. Believing the Malfoy wasn’t beyond saving, the currently dying Dumbledore made decision to happen on his very own terms. Dumbledore ensured the Snape would kill him instead.

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This was a strategic an option that consolidated Voldemort’s trust in Snape, permitting the latter to keep covertly working for the an excellent side from a position of power. However Dumbledore’s to plan reached past his death. With his clever manipulations, his death caused a chain of seemingly unimportant occasions which all turned the end to be linked, enabling the loss of Voldemort.


For fantasy fans, Dumbledore’s death is one of the many memorable twists. The reality behind the reasons for his fatality is even more complicated and frankly tough to take it in in ~ a first read. No matter how we feel about the books now, it’s tough to forget the time when “Snape killed Dumbledore” to be the worst type of spoiler.

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