The surname Harley Davidson is identified with motorcycles in a way that no other manufacturer is however this company had a unique foray into golf cart manufacturing.

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Although they no longer produce these carts, girlfriend may uncover one ~ above the industry or very own one already.

And if you do, you could want to know just how to gauge its year, together there are couple of experts that can provide that guidance left.

Thankfully, there are several ways that a dare owner, such together you, deserve to gauge the year of their Harley Davidson golf cart.

Typically, you’re walking to have the ability to examine a few different elements, such together a basic serial number arrangement or the solenoids in your electric engine.

We’ll encompass a detailed list the serial number password here, as well as a thorough examination the solenoid layout to aid you out.

A quick Look in ~ Harley Davidson cart History

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Before learning more about gauging her cart year, let’s take a look at Harley Davidson dare history.

This details helps to carry out context for your cart and also is exciting to know.

In a way, it is common of what can be referred to as the “golf cart wars” that the 1960s and also 1970s.

During this time, fly-by-night regional manufacturers produced countless different models and created a rather diverse marketplace.

This sector contrasts greatly with today’s more corporate environment, where only a grasp of significant golf dare manufacturers are left.

By contrast, ago in 1963, Harley Davidson to be the world’s best motorcycle firm and curious around branching out right into other areas.

So – partially pushed by wilhelm “Willie G” Davidson – the agency started developing golf carts the year.

They produced mostly three-wheel models however expanded to four-wheel persons later.

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Their faster carts supplied a 245 cc dual-cycle single-cylinder air-cooled engine that blended oil through gas in a reasonably standard means for tiny vehicles.

The chassis and engine remained, more or less, the same for just about the totality of Harley’s cart production years.

By 1969, they were offered to American an equipment and Foundry Company, who readjusted the name of the agency to AMF in 1971.

Between 1969 and also 1971, they kept the Harley logo design but added an AMF logo design in 1972.

Ten year later, Columbia Par auto purchased AMF and changed up the engine’s pistons an extremely slightly.

The body architecture switched permanently to four-wheels, which can be viewed as the end of the Harley Davidson cart production.

This information serves not simply as background details but additionally helps administer you v some tips for dating your cart.

For example, if you uncover an AMF logo on the body, you can age it in between 1972 come 1981.

And if the piston sizes room larger, you deserve to gauge its age to be around the time the they to be purchased by Columbia Par Car.

Harley Davidson Gas Golf cart Repair manual 1963 – 1980

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Thankfully, over there are more accurate ways to get a very particular understanding of her cart’s year that production.

Using the Serial Plate

The easiest means to discover the age of your Harley Davidson golf dare is to usage the serial plate.

Typically, this bowl is located somewhere the rear wheel that the cart.

For example, ~ above models v a liftable rear end – you will watch a hinge near the back that permits you come lift the earlier and job-related on the engine and chassis – friend are likely to uncover the key on a structure rail on one of two people left or best side the your rear wheels.

However, friend may have an electrical cart – rarer yet still easily accessible – in which situation you won’t have a hinge or a liftable rear.

Instead, you’ll find the serial plate under of the driver’s seat.

You’ll generally see it much more towards the passenger side of the cart, for this reason pay fist to this location.

Usually, you’ll find the serial plate hear on DE40 and MGIV electrical Harley Davidson carts.

Once you discover the serial number, you’re going to see one of two different formats or layouts.

The first of these were used throughout the 1960s and feature eight various numbers.

The very first two numbers indicate the year of the cart.

The next digit – a letter – suggests its model.

And the last 5 identify the certain production model i.e. Once the dare was built on the manufacturing line.

So let’s say you uncover a cart through the serial number 63D38422.

This number shows a golf cart developed in 1963, based on the an initial two digits.

The D represents a gas cart model, which to be the the many popular type being produced by Harley Davidson at that time.

And the last 5 digits would suggest that it was cart number 38,422 produced in that specific year.

In this way, you obtain as precise of an understanding as possible.

The numbers of the dare got an ext involved later on in the 1970s and also 1980s.

They added one much more digit and adjusted the arrangement and the definition of every digit in methods that might be confusing.

The first two digits stood for the model before a break shown the begin of the design production number.

This five-digit number has a break at the finish after which is a letter and a number describe the year the production.


Let’s take it a look at a usual serial number of this form to give you an idea of how to read it – 8C 15384 H8.

The toughest aspect of this number space the first two digits.

What precisely does 8C mean?

Well, it to represent a four-wheel electrical DE4 dare model.


That’s a secret Harley Davidson is likely to require to the grave.

The next 5 numbers are easy sufficient to know – they are the production number.

So this dare was number 15,384 the that manufacturing year.

Now, the next two digits are likewise confusing: just how does H8 represent a production year?

Simple: the H represents the 1970s and the eight represents the last number in the year.

So H8 method 1978, H3 would median 1973, etc.

The 1980s provided a J in ar of the H, i m sorry is the biggest means to gauge this factor.

And while Harley themselves no longer created carts after 1981, over there are various other models developed by Columbia Par automobile that usage a similar chassis.

The following chart should aid you identify your cart more easily:


Gasoline Golf Cart


DE electric Golf cart 3-Wheel

DF petrol Personnel transport 3-Wheel

DEF electrical Personnel Carrier



Gasoline Utilicar 3-Wheel

DEC electric Utilicar 3-Wheel

D4 petrol Golf cart 4-Wheel (DX4 ’82 on)

DE4 electrical Golf cart 4-Wheel (DEX4 ’82 on)

MG IV electric Master Glide IV 4-Wheel

1963-1969 first 3 digits XXD= Three-Wheel Gas and an initial 4 digits XXDE = 3 Wheel Electric

1970-1979 Hx (i.e. H1=1971, H3=1973, etc.)

3B 3 Wheel Gas D3

4B ’71-76= 3-Wheel electric D3 ’77-83= 3-Wheel electric DE3

7C 4 Wheel Gas D4

8C 4-Wheel electrical DE4

8D 4-Wheel electrical DE-40 76-78

1980-1982 Jx (i.e. J1=1981, J2=1982, etc.)

3B 3 Wheel Gas D3

4B 3-Wheel electric DE3

7C 4 Wheel Gas D4

3K 4 Wheel gas D4 80’s classic

8D 4 Wheel electric MG IV Challenger

5K 4 Wheel Gas DX4 ’82

Columbia Par automobile Models

1983-1989 C3-C9

3B 3-Wheel Gas D3

4B 3-Wheel electric DE3

5K 4-Wheel Gas DX4

6K 4-Wheel electrical DEX4

7K Gas Utility

8K electric Challenger

9K electrical Utility DE4

2L 4-Wheel Gas P4G

3L 4-Wheel electrical P4E

1990-1995 Dx (i.e. D4=1994)

2L 4-Wheel Gas P4G

3L 4-Wheel Electric

5K 4-Wheel Gas Classic

6K 4-Wheel electrical Classic

7K 4-Wheel Gas Utility

9K 4-Wheel electrical Utility

2M 4-Wheel electrical Shuttle

3M 4-Wheel Gas Shuttle


BE 4-Wheel Gas

4E 4-Wheel Electric

What if my serial bowl is worn?

What wake up if her serial key is also worn down to read and also you can’t gain a feeling for the period of your Harley Davidson golf cart?

Well, you can open increase the engine and take a look in ~ the solenoid arrangement.

The solenoid is only in electrical cars and serves together the powering aspect for the engine.

Thankfully, though, its arrangement will be quite easy to read if you know what friend are looking for inside her engine.

If girlfriend don’t, you’re likely to struggle to identify and age your cart properly.

Therefore, we’re going to breakdown the solenoid layouts that you’re walking to discover in usual Harley Davidson golf carts.

Our research will take united state from 1963 all the method up to 1982.

Though it may not give you the an exact year the your cart was manufactured, it will practically always small it under to no more than two or three certain years.

This should assist you figure out your cart much more accurately.

Model DE – 1963-1966

The an initial three year of Harley Davidson golf cart manufacture contained perhaps the most basic solenoid layout of any of the carts castle produced.

There will be six 12-volt connectors in her engine.

And they’ll be i ordered it in a very an easy fashion – in a two-by-three grid.

From this point on, though, the arrangements space going come become an ext complex, so be prepared to perform a small extra work.

And you’re additionally going to uncover that the electrical output of these solenoid engines room going come decrease end the next couple of years.

That decrease occurred because Harley – normally a gasoline-powered-vehicle manufacturer – began to acquire a far better handle on electric carts.

By the end of your time creating carts, lock were among the finest and also most respect manufacturer top top the market.

Model DEC – 1966-1968

At this allude in production, Harley Davidson was adding a couple of new aspects to your carts that required an ext electricity, such as horns.

As a result, there space two more 12-volt connectors in this arrangement.

You’ll see the same two-by-three grid that was featured in the previous model but will keep in mind two an ext in a vertical plan next come this grid.

After this point, the two-by-three net is abandoned.

Later models will attribute more complicated or unpredictable layouts.

Some will have actually two rows – others may have actually only one.

And others may have actually staggered and also strange layouts the are difficult to describe.

As a result, it is essential to review through every of this listings very closely as you check your engine.

Doing so will certainly make it less complicated for girlfriend to uncover the details model for her carting needs.

Model DE – 1967-1971 and Model DEC – 1969-1971

The following layout explained here is typical in both the DE and the DEC developed by Harley Davidson.

These models suggest different types of electric models – three- and also four-wheel varieties – but their solenoid layout is the very same in both of these models, do it simpler to age both the them within at least a 2-4 year span of time in the late 60s and early 70s.

You’ll have two row of connectors in this engine.

The top row will feature two six-volts, the first available in this form of cart.

The bottom heat will feature three connectors, including two 12-volts ~ above the side of a single six-volt.

Add every those volts, and also you have actually 42 volts – a decrease native 72-volts and also 96-volts from the last two models.

This decrease is because of the truth that the engine was much more efficient later on in production.

Models DE and DE4 – 1972-1975 and also Model DE-3 –1977-1982

The vast selection of years obtainable here – native 1972-1982 – may make this solenoid plan one that the least effective in gauging her cart’s age.

However, if you know the model type of your cart – such together whether it is a three- or four-wheel – friend can period it much more easily.

Thankfully, this layout is also one the the much easier ones and shouldn’t it is in too difficult for friend to properly understand.

It starts the end with 3 6-volt connectors in a row.

Next, you’ll have actually two 12-volt connectors because that a solitary row.

Again, we’re down to around 42-volts in this engine.

Though this may not seem to have actually much power, it should be more than enough for cart owners.

Better style helped to do the carts move much more smoothly and increased electrical efficiency also added hours of life to the battery.

Model DE-40 – 1976-1978

This particular cart design was produced for only a handful of years but was one of the most popular options for Harley Davidson dare buyers.

It’s basic design do it straightforward to understand and its surprisingly an effective engine provided minimal electrical power to develop a solid and long-lasting dare option.

You should be able to identify it solenoid fairly easily, as it has actually just three.

There need to be only three connectors in her solenoid – 3 12-volts i ordered it in a basic fashion.

The very first two should be top top the top row of your engine and also the third just below the first in a second row.

With just 36 volts, it provides the least amount of power of any kind of Harley Davidson golf cart.

As a result, the is a great choice because that those who want to save their cart use as effective as possible.

Model MGIV – 1979-1982

Lastly, the solenoid because that this engine is somewhat unique – it attributes three staggered rows of five connectors, both 6- and 12-volt.

The very first row of this connectors consists of a 12-volt connector complied with by 2 6-volt.

This arrangement is pretty straightforward to understand – most cart owner should be able to spot it quite quickly without to run into any type of issue.

However, in a row that’s half between the very first and the third, over there is an additional 6-volt connector.

And simply beneath the second 6-volt on the first row, is the last connector – a 12-volt.

The factor for this complicated arrangement has to due with the wiring of this models and also is unique amongst Harley Davidson carts.

Unfortunately, us were can not to find any kind of information regarding Columbia Par automobile solenoid layout.

Cart dimension Can also Help

What wake up if friend cannot check out the solenoid or if you have actually a petrol engine instead?

You have the right to use the dimension of the dare to gain a feel for that age.

For example, models between 1963-1963 should have actually a wheel base of 59.5 inches and a size of 92 inches.

They should likewise weight about 660 pounds, despite this weight might vary a pair of pounds.

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To help you out here, us have created a advantageous chart that will showcase the wheel base, the length, and also weight of all the models that we might find because that Harley Davidson.