The English musician and also former One Direction has displayed his fandom end the years in so plenty of ways, consisting of wearing a cheesehead and also carrying a Packers flag end his shoulder while performing in Milwaukee in 2015. He additionally has a little tattoo the the team’s “G” logo design on the within of his arm just over his elbow.

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So recently throughout an interview v NPR — which likewise followed a well known Tiny desk concert — styles spoke about his love for the Packers and how that originated.

“When ns was around six year old, I dropped off my bike, and also I reduced my knee,” he said, jokingly explaining his fandom to NPR’s Stephen Thompson while lock both wore environment-friendly Bay jerseys. “And i bled green and gold, and that was it.”

Harry_Styles on exactly how he became a Packers fan. (Also, he to know someone indigenous Appleton? watch you at Cleos next time you're in town, Harry….)

— Aaron Nagler (
AaronNagler) in march 13, 2020

But really, he stated a girlfriend from Wisconsin presented him to the NFL, and the Packers’ games were the an initial ones he watched. And also then when he’d pat Madden, he’d always be eco-friendly Bay.

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Styles additionally shared the funny story for just how that tattoo came to be. He defined that before he and (we assume) some friends were going to clock a Packers game, he made a wager:

“We said, ‘If they success the game, climate I’ll get a Packers tattoo. And also if castle don’t, i won’t.’ So, i think this was possibly 2012, probably 2013, and also I only had time the day prior to to go and also get the tattoo. So ns thought, ‘Oh, I’ll just gain it since they’re going come win.’ therefore I obtained the tattoo, and then they lost. For this reason yeah, now I have a environment-friendly Bay Packers tattoo.”

He listed that the tattoo is black and also white, so the looks like the college of Georgia’s logo design (although the misspoke and also said Georgia State).

Other factors why he loves the Packers? he said since the team is owned by the fans and also “also a huge fan that cheese, therefore yeah, Packers to be the team for me.”

You have the right to watch an ext from Styles’ interview v NPR around the Packers here:


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