Look at the photo and shot to guess the meaning of the idiom "cat got your tongue."   

cat / cat"s obtained your tongue:  an expression that is supplied when someone is quiet and also isn"t talking or responding when you suppose them to.

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It isn"t clear precisely where this idiom originated however it"s evident that it would be complicated to speak if a cat did gain your tongue!

We regularly use this expression as soon as someone is no responding to united state as a way to try to get them to speak and say something.

The complete idiom would certainly be "Has the cat got your tongue?" However, the is mainly used in the forms "Cat gained your tongue?" or "Cat"s acquired your tongue?"

"What"s the matter" or "what"s wrong" is likewise often supplied at the beginning of the expression.

Cat"s got someone"s tongue (my tongue, her tongue, his tongue, Bill"s tongue, their tongue, the president"s tongue, etc.).


—  "What"s your name tiny girl?" (no response). "What"s the matter? Cat obtained your tongue?

—  "Are girlfriend still on the phone?" (No response). "Joan, i asked if you room still ~ above the phone." (still no response) "Why aren"t girlfriend answering? Cat acquired your tongue?"

—  I recorded Rebecca wearing makeup again and when I challenged her she simply sat over there speechless like the cat had acquired her tongue!

—  You"re breaking up through me? ns don"t recognize what to say. Cat"s gained my tongue I guess.

—  Don"t simply sit there favor the cat"s obtained your tongue!  say something!

—  Whenever us ask my boss about anything in ~ the employee meeting he simply looks in ~ us prefer the cat"s gained his tongue and then his assistant usually claims something.

—  I witnessed some messages from another girl popular music up on mine boyfriend"s phone however I to be afraid to face him about it. I still haven"t said anything—it"s choose the cat"s obtained my tongue.

—  When you"re giving a speech and also the cat"s suddenly gained your tongue it"s the worst emotion in the world.

—  Are those my leather boots that you"re wearing? price me! What"s the matter cat got your tongue?

—  Your father and I room waiting for you to describe the 2 failing grades on your report card. What"s wrong? Cat"s gained your tongue all that a sudden?


—  I wanted to say something at the meeting but the cat got my tongue.

—  I checked out the an elderly dance v my dream girl but it was awful due to the fact that the cat had my tongue the whole evening.

—  Ugh! Cat"s got my tongue every time the professor asks me a inquiry in class—even once I understand the answer!

—  Jane:  space you reading my emails again?  Pauline: (no reply);  Jane:  prize me!  Pauline: (still states nothing);  Jane:  What"s wrong? Cat acquired your tongue?

—  My five-year-old talks all the time—except as soon as we watch my friends or coworkers. Then the cat"s gained her tongue and she can"t even say hello.

—  I feel like the cat"s gained my tongue every time the director calls ~ above me at meetings and sometimes I deserve to only shrug mine shoulders prefer I have actually nothing come say.

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—  Answer me! What"s the matter? Cat got your tongue?

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