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"Here we Go Again" is a country music typical written by Don Lanier and also Red Steagall that first became significant as a rhythm and also blues solitary by beam Charles indigenous his 1967 album ray Charles Invites You to Listen. That was developed by Joe Adams for alphabet Records/Tangerine Records. To date, this version of the song has actually been the biggest commercial success, safety twelve consecutive main on the united state Billboard hot 100 chart, peaking at number 15. The many notable cover variation is a duet through Charles and Norah Jones, which appeared on the 2004 album Genius Loves Company. This version has been the biggest critical success. After Genius Loves firm was released, "Here us Go Again" earn Grammy Awards for document of the Year and also Best Pop collaboration at the 47th Grammy Awards in February 2005, posthumously because that Charles, that died before the album"s release. An additional notable version by Nancy Sinatra charted for 5 weeks in 1969. Johnny Duncan charted the tune on Billboard"s Hot nation Songs chart for 5 weeks in 1972, when Roy Clark did for this reason for seven weeks in 1982.more »

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Here us go againHe"s ago in town againI"ll take him ago againOne much more timeHere us go againThe phone will certainly ring againI"ll be her fool again, i willOne more timeI"ve been there beforeBut ns will try it againAny fool, any type of fool knowsThat there"s no, no way to winHere we go againShe"ll break my love againI"ll play the part againOne an ext timeI"ve to be there beforeBut you understand what? I"ll try it againBut any type of fool, any kind of fool knowsThat there"s no, no means to winHere us go againShe"ll break my heart againI"ll play the part againOne an ext timeI"ll take her back againOne an ext timeI will

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ray Charles ray Charles Robinson (September 23, 1930 – June 10, 2004) to be an American musician known as beam Charles (to prevent confusion with champion boxer Sugar beam Robinson.) He to be a pioneer in the genre of heart music during the 1950s by fusing rhythm and also blues, gospel, and blues formats into his at an early stage recordings with Atlantic Records.

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He also helped racially integrate country and also pop music during the 1960s with his crossover success on alphabet Records, most notably through his modern-day Sounds albums. While v ABC, Charles became one of the very first African-American musicians to it is in given creative control by a mainstream document company.Frank Sinatra referred to as Charles “the just true genius in show business.” more »