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Test cricket is the heart and soul of our sport. Despite the growing interests in the slam-bang T20 action, test cricket manages to garner lot of of eyes once miracles transpire specifically towards the later on stages of a check match. There has never been a question about Test cricket"s entity and also the incomparable happiness that it brings to the purists who reap a difficult tussle in between bat and also ball for the course of 5 days.

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However, in recent times, check cricket has actually witnessed part spectacular revolve of events that has once again do the pan admire the beauty of this format. 4th innings chases in a Test complement are usually pertained to as a difficult art to master. Despite that fact, a couple of Tests in Australia and also Bangladesh have actually alluded to an altering times and perceptions as far as operation chases are concerned in the longest style of the game.

Be the India"s heroic run-chase against Australia in Gabba or West Indies" herculean effort to topple Bangladesh in their own backyard, the people has observed some amazing successful run-chases in the fourth innings the a check match.

Highest effective Run-Chases in check Cricket

1.West IndiesAustralia418/7St John’s, Antigua (2003)
2.South AfricaAustralia414/4Perth (2008)
3.AustraliaEngland404/3Leeds (1948)
4.IndiaWest Indies406/4Port the Spain (1976)
5.West IndiesBangladesh395/7Chattogram (2021)
6.Sri LankaZimbabwe391/6Colombo (2017)
7.IndiaEngland387/4Chennai (2008)
8.PakistanSri Lanka382/3Pallekele (2015)
9.AustraliaPakistan369/6Hobart (1999)
10.AustraliaWest Indies362/7Georgetown (1978)

Five successful run chases in check Cricket History

5. West Indies vs Bangladesh – 395/7 at Chattogram, 2021

West Indies to win Bangladesh in ~ Chattogram, chase 395 operation in 4th innings (Image Source: Getty Images)

Bangladesh hosted a depleted West Indies outfit on your shores at the begin of 2021 for a two-match check series. A lot of key players were lacking for the touring team including their skipper Jason Holder with bookings to travel the sub-continent during the COVID times. In spite of being behind in the very first innings, the visitors controlled to manuscript a marvelous win through a effective run follow in the 4th innings the the first Test.

The left-handed batsman Kayle Mayers, ~ above debut, played among the most far-ranging innings that his life. He stayed unbeaten top top 210 in the fourth innings top top a deteriorating pitch alongside Nkrumah Bonner, who played the 2nd fiddle function with a well 86-run knock. The tourists effectively chased down the target the 395 runs with 3 wickets to spare at the end of work 5. In act so, West Indies registered the fifth-highest successful run follow in the history of check cricket.

4. India vs West Indies – 406/4 at port of Spain, 1976

Gavaskar play a an essential role in India"s success over West Indies in 1976

In among the many memorable test matches in Indian cricket history, the ‘Men in Blue" accomplished an unthinkable feat versus West Indies in 1976 in an away fixture. In the third Test the India"s tour of West Indies in 1976, the travellers were set a target of 404 for win in the 4th innings. After what transpired in the very first innings whereby India was bowled out for 228 in reply to the hosts" 359, a West Indies win was just on the cards.

However, what complied with was a cumulative batting effort by the indians which sent shock waves across the cricketing globe. The batting maestro Sunil Gavaskar (102) along with Gundappa Vishwanath (112) scored scintillating century to collection the foundation for an improbable Indian win. The tourist secured a 6-wicket win which was also India"s highest possible successful operation chase in test cricket come level the collection at 1-1.

3. Australia vs England – 404/3 in ~ Leeds, 1948

Australia vs England – Leeds (1948)

Australia tour of England in 1948 observed an impressive away Ashes collection win because that the tourists by a margin the 3-0. When Australia was leading 2-0 going right into the 4th Test, a lot to be on the line because that England to secure a win in the last Test. In the second innings at Leeds, England claimed after racking increase 365 runs leaving Australia through a target the 404 runs in the 4th innings the the check match.

As the happened, the strong Aussie line-up walk all guns blazing together the duo of teacher Donald Bradman and also Arthur Morris scored 173 and 182 runs respectively. It to be the last nail in the coffin together the residence team failed to make sufficient inroads in the last essay that the check match. Thus, the visitors handed England a large defeat as they chased 404 runs with 7 wickets to spare. Hence, the enhance continues to it is in a talking allude even today. Australia"s follow in 1948 versus England ranks 3rd in the perform of the highest successful operation chases in the history of test cricket.

2. Southern Africa vs Australia – 414/4 in ~ Perth 2008

AB De Villiers hit the winning operation for south Africa (Image Source: PA Photos)

In the first Test of the three-match Test collection in Australia, south Africa outdid their opponents to case a historic win in the opened Test in ~ WACA stadion in Perth. While Australia attracted honors in ~ the end of the an initial innings through a command of 94 runs, southern Africa, led by Graeme smith clawed their method back in the video game with one of the many remarkable fourth innings chases top top Australian soil.

On the earlier of centuries courtesy smith (108) and AB De Villiers (106), the Proteas managed to chase under 414 for the loss of 4 wickets. It to be a commanding batting initiative as the hosts to be left amazed through their bowling attack having very tiny chance to curb southern Africa"s batting in the last innings. Southern Africa scored at a healthy and balanced run-rate and decimated every corner of hope for Australia to conserve the check on the last day. This was also the second-highest successful run follow in check cricket.

1. West Indies vs Australia – 418/7 at Antigua, 2003

West Indies host the document for the highest possible successful 4th innings run-chase in check Cricket

In the 2003 Test series between West Indies and Australia in the Caribbean, Steve Waugh-led Australian side conquered the Test collection and ultimately won through a margin that 3-1. However, lock were fine on course to claim a clean move victory prior to a resurgent batting initiative by the home side in the 4th Test evaded a 4-0 win for the tourists.

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With a target the 418 to obtain in the critical Test the the collection in Antigua, the hosts to be reeling in ~ 74 because that 3 and also were soon reduced to 165/4 with skipper Brian Lara dismissed because that 60. It to be the pair that Ramnaresh Sarwan and Shivnarine Chanderpaul who played the rescue act to drive their team the end of the muddle. Both the players frustrated the Aussie bowlers with particular centuries to draw some hope for the house team. V some an important lower-order contributions from Omari Banks and also Vasbert Drakes, West Indies obtained over the line to record the highest successful fourth innings run chase in check cricket history.