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Gymnosperms vs Angiosperms(Similarities and Differences in between Gymnosperms and Angiosperms)

Gymnosperms and Angiosperms room two major groups of Seed tree (Cryptogams). In the vault post, we debated the General Characters and also Affinities the Gymnosperms. Here, in this post, us will discuss the Similarities and also Differences between Gymnosperms and also Angiosperms

Similarities between Gymnosperms and Angiosperms

Ø The main plant body in both gymnosperms and angiosperms is the diploid sporophyte.Ø In both groups, the sporophyte is identified into root, stem and leaves.Ø Vascular bundles are conjoined, collateral and open.Ø an additional growth is present in gymnosperms and also angiosperms (dicots)

Ø Anomalous secondary thickening occurs in some gymnosperms and angiosperms.

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Ø Vessels and also companion cells occur in part Gymnosperms (Gnetales).

Ø Pollination wake up in both groups.

Ø similar to gymnosperms, some Angiospermic plants are wind-pollinated.

Ø In both groups, the gametophytic generation is highly reduced.

Ø Gametophytic generation is totally dependent on the sporophytic generation in both groups.

Ø Fertilization is siphonogamatic (with the help of pollen tube) in both groups.

Ø The advance of megaspore right into female gametophyte takes ar inside the megasporangium (ovule) in both groups.

Ø Well-developed embryo breakthrough is there in both groups.

Ø Suspensor is formed throughout the embryo breakthrough in both groups.

Ø Polyembryony is frequent in gymnosperms and also in numerous angiosperms.

Ø In both groups, the ovules construct into seeds.

Ø The seed germination epigeal or hypogeal.

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Difference in between Gymnosperms and also Angiosperms

Sl. No.GymnospermsAngiosperms
1Gymnosperms are greatly treesAngiosperms may be herbs, shrubs or trees
2Gymnospermic plants space evergreen plantsMost of the angiosperms are seasonal
3Leaves of gymnosperms are require like and also thickLeaves that angiosperms space usually flat
4Xylem vessels room absentXylem vessels are present
5Companion cells are absent in the phloemCompanion cells present in the phloem
6Wood is soft-wood typeWood is hard-wood type
7Reproductive frameworks are aggregate to type conesCones space not created in angiosperms
8Flowers room not producedPresence that flower is a characteristic attribute of angiosperms
9The strobili in gymnosperms are unisexual (either masculine or female, never ever both)Flowers normally bisexual in angiosperms
10Ovules are naked in gymnospermsOvules extended inside the ovary
11Ovary absentOvary present
12Pollination by wind only(Anemophily)Pollination may happen through wind, water or many frequency by pets (pollinators)
13Style and stigma missing in gymnospermsStyle and also stigma present
14Archegonia is presentArchegonia is absent
15Double fertilization absentDouble fertilization existing in gymnosperms
16The endosperm is haploid in gymnospermsThe endosperm triploid in angiosperms
17The embryo is with one, 2 or many cotyledonsThe embryo in angiosperms is v either 2 (dicots) or one (monocots) cotyledons

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