Applications the Integers

Natasha Glydon

It is basic to acknowledge numbers in the real world. Because that example, highways have posted speed boundaries that are represented in numbers. World who have obtained a driver’s license recognize this device of numbers. They know that if the posted limit is 110 km/h and also they journey 120 km/h, they might be fined. We check out numbers top top clocks and use lock to know time. There are numbers ~ above doors and buildings the state identifications. Maps have numbers to give directions and also information. Hopeful integers are contained in the set of entirety numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, …. That is relatively easy come see exactly how positive integers impact the world. The ramifications of negative integers however, might be much less obvious.

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Going Down

In general, an unfavorable integers represent decreasing or downwards movement, or to the left (in relationship to the number line). If we room describing a vehicle slowing under for a avoid sign, that is acceleration is represented with a negative value due to the fact that its speed is decreasing. If you were digging a hole, your depth could be stood for using an unfavorable integers.

The Thermometer

A usual example of negative integer intake is the thermometer. Thermometers are similar to number lines, yet vertical. They have positive integers over zero and an adverse integers listed below zero. Commonly, world recognize a temperature that -25°C as cold. World use this number device to measure and also represent the temperature of the air. Also, if it -23°C outside, and the temperature drops 3 degrees, what is temperature now? -26°C. If we picture the thermometer, we understand that together the temperature drops, us look downwards top top the thermometer.



Negative integers are generally seen in sports as well. Think about hockey. Each line the players documents a plus/minus. If the various other team scores on her line, the is a minus. If someone on your line scores a goal, that is a plus. If no team scores, the an outcome is zero. Let’s look in ~ an example. During your time ~ above the ice, girlfriend score one score (+1). Among your heat mates likewise scores a goal (another +1). However, in the last seconds of the game, a score is scored versus your team when you room on the ice (-1). Your plus/minus score would certainly be +1 at the end of the game. However, during your next game, her line did not score v out the whole game (0) and the various other team scored twice on her line (-2). Your plus/minus score for that video game would be –2. Similarly, plus/minus scores can even out come zero if her line scores and also is scored on an equal variety of times in a game. Given that goal scoring is just one of the important elements of hockey, the is imperative the players recognize this mechanism of numbers.

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Geographically, we stand for sea level through integers. Obviously, below sea level is stood for with an unfavorable integers. Because that example, death Valley (pictured below) in California is located at 86 m listed below sea level. This deserve to be stood for numerically as –86 m. Antarctica is 2,538 m below sea level (-2,538). When geography specialists study the difference in between say the top of mountain Everest in Tibet, i m sorry is 8,848 m above sea level, and also the bottom of the Dead Sea (409 m below sea level), lock use negative representations of integers.



Finally, banks and also credit unions generally use an adverse integers. Negative integers have the right to be offered to stand for debits and also positive integers stand for credits. Because that example, let’s say i deposit $100 into my personal bank account. Mine balance is then $100. If i buy 2 $20 sweaters, i will need $40. If ns buy both sweaters, my account will decrease by $40. This is often represented mathematically as -$40. Mine account balance is climate at $60. Ns decide I likewise need a pair of jeans to go through my new sweaters and also I find a pair I favor for $65. If ns buy the pants, mine account balance will certainly be -$5. That is straightforward to see how banks and also credit union use hopeful and negative integers to show whether money is gift put into an account or taken out. Sometimes, an unfavorable integers are offered to represent the adhering to English words: