I’m sure among the very an initial things girlfriend learned come say in English was, “How space you?” human being will most likely ask you this inquiry A LOT! that really straightforward to answer, but there are a few things come remember. Here’s just how to feel comfortable answering this question, every time.

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1. “How room you?” is merely Another method to speak Hello — Here’s just how to Answer

Most that the time, we use this question as a polite means to to speak hello, and you don’t should say anything around how you room really feeling. To speak one or two positive words, give thanks to them for asking, and ask them the same question. Any of this answers will work almost every one of the time:

“Great, say thanks to you. Just how are you?” (very positive)

“Good, thanks, and you?” (positive – this is the most usual answer)

 “Fine, thanks. Exactly how are you?” (a little less optimistic – i’m okay)

Your price will depend on the human being who is asking, and how fine you understand them.

2. “Hi, Boss, how are you?”

If you are in a business situation, you might be saying hello come your boss or colleague, or meeting someone for the very first time. You have to answer briefly, but in a confident way. “Great!” “I’m doing yes, really well, give thanks to you,” or “Fantastic!” room all great ways come answer. They will certainly tell the other human that you are enthusiastic and ready come work. You could be shower hands, too. Here’s exactly how that conversation could go:

Mr. Brown: good morning, Mr. Mendoza. Just how are girlfriend today?

Mr. Mendoza: i’m good, thanks. And you?

Mr. Brown: Great, great, thanks. (shaking hands)

Two points to an alert here:

The prize is short and positive, even if friend have had a terrible day.Many times, people will answer with words “good.” great is one adjective, and also can describe you, so it’s it s okay to use through the verb “to be.” girlfriend can also say “I’m act well.” fine is one adverb, and it defines how you are doing or feeling.

3. how to answer “How are You?” when Meeting Strangers and Other formal Situations

If you room talking come a waiter, a cashier in ~ the checkout, or if you being presented to a person in a casual situation, her answer have the right to be a tiny different. Let’s look in ~ a sample:

Cashier (as she check you out): Hi, exactly how are girlfriend today?

You: Fine, thanks. It’s a beautiful day.

Some points to an alert here:

“How are you?” is just a method of greeting someone in a polite way.Don’t speak anything personal. Because that example, nothing tell the cashier that you are buying medicine because your child stayed house sick from college today.

4. Exactly how to answer “How are You?” when Hanging Out with Friends in Casual Situations

Your friends will probably ask you the very same question, but It could sound a small different! You might hear:

How’ve friend been?

How are you doing?

What’s up?

How’s the going?

Here’s the nice thing – when you room with friends and also family, you can tell the truth! If you space talking to human being who care around you, you deserve to tell them that you’ve had actually a negative day, or the you feel tired.

One point you tho shouldn’t execute is answer with a finish description of part medical troubles you are having. If you are talking come a friend, you can offer an ext information if lock ask (and if they are your friend, they probably will!) here’s a conversation in between friends:

Marta: Hi, John! just how are you?

John: i’m fine, probably a little tired. I need some much more coffee.

Marta: Oh, i’m sorry. Did you sleep well last night?

John: not really. I had a headache as soon as I visited bed, and also I still have actually it this morning.

A pair things come see:

The inquiry is the same! “How room you?” works for both formal and also informal conversations.The answer is much more personal, however still doesn’t give much information. If your friend wants an ext information, they will certainly ask you.

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So, just how Are You?

Remember, “How room you?” is usually just another way to say hello. If you smile and say “Good, thanks,” you’ve successfully answered the question.

And extra clues if you additionally ask, “How are you?” in response!

Now, what if girlfriend hear a various question? for example, plenty of native English speakers will certainly ask friend “How have you been?” rather of “How room you?” So how do girlfriend answer that question? uncover out in this great (click here)!