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Shaquille O’Neal was among the many imposing huge men to ever before play in the NBA.

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The former Los Angeles Lakers center was not just astonishingly tall, the was also built prefer a truck and had the stamin to match.

Shaq in the paint was merely unfair. It was bully-ball at its finest. No player wanted to uncover themselves up against the basketball star at the rim.

Even among fellow 7-footers, O’Neal’s dimension stood out, particularly his shoes.

Shaquille O’Neal’s shoe Size

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While Shaquille O’Neal isn’t top top the same elevation level as fellow centers such as Yao Ming, Manute Bol and also Gheorghe Muresan — every one of whom stood over 7-foot-5 — his build enabled him to thrive in the league.

One that the many notable characteristics of Shaq’s size are his big feet. The 7-foot-1 basketball player’s shoes space a dimension 22, i m sorry is the exact same size as Hall that Fame facility Bob Lanier. He has bigger feet 보다 Kevin Durant and also Yao, that both stay Size 18.

Having such big feet method O’Neal can’t just walk into a department store and leave v a few pairs of shoes. Instead, O’Neal had to custom order kicks just to uncover some basketball pair of shoes in his size.

O’Neal ultimately signed a deal v Reebok, which produced signature shoes for the large fella. The Shaq Attaq’s to be released in 1991 during his time through the Orlando Magic.


Unlike the typical basketball shoes created by Nike and also Adidas, O’Neal ensured his shoes were affordable by the masses as result of the struggle he endured trying to find shoes the fit that while farming up.

He later on signed a deal with Dunkman, selling his discount shoes at retailers across the globe.

Shaquille O’Neal’s Basketball Career

Shaquille O’Neal to be a high college basketball phenom and also played his university basketball at LSU.

After three effective years in college, O’Neal left LSU and also declared for the 1992 NBA Draft, wherein he was the first-overall choose by the Orlando Magic in ~ just twenty years old.

Shaq spent 4 years in Orlando prior to joining the Los Angeles Lakers, whereby he’d win three of his 4 NBA titles alongside Kobe Bryant. He likewise won the organization MVP award in 1999-2000 after ~ averaging 29.7 points and also 13.6 rebounds. O’Neal played in LA until 2004 before joining the Miami Heat, whereby he won his 4th ring.

After his stint through the Heat, O’Neal floated roughly the league, playing for the likes that the Boston Celtics, Phoenix Suns, and also Cleveland Cavaliers.

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At the end of his room of Fame professional basketball career, Shaq had played 19 seasons and also featured in 15 All-Star Games. He was a one-time MVP, three-time NBA Finals MVP and also earned 12 All-NBA First-Team selections.