Firemouths room scrappy however beautiful and one of my favourite American cichlid species. Due to the fact that they can be a little on the aggressive side we require to select fish that deserve to put up with their temper however aren’t super wild themselves. These room the 10 best Firemouth tank mates I’ve uncovered to live together them!

Compatible Firemouth Cichlid Tank Mates

Here space 10 compatible Firemouth tank mates the you have to consider:

Rosy Barb

When provided enough an are and ample food rosy Barbs can flourish larger 보다 expected, up to 6 inches, but 4 inches is an ext common in aquaria. Both the males and also females space attractively colored. But the males space much much more intensely pink-red with much more green on your backs.

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As omnivorous egg scatterers rose Barbs are an extremely easy come keep and breed. Carry out them with dense aquatic plants like Guppy Grass or Java Fern to lay their numerous eggs in. And feed lock a varied diet that flakes and also fresh items choose bloodworms for intense color.

Like most tool sized barbs the rose Barb deserve to be a fin nipper on occasion so store them away from Bettas and also other slow tank mates with lengthy fins. Adult male Firemouths won’t forgive nips, however, so their trailing fin expansions are safe from curious rosy Barbs!

Scientific Name: Pethia conchoniusOrigin: South AsiaSize: 4-6 inchesTemperament: Peaceful


Livebearers aren’t always recommended together tank mates because that cichlids because they are totally peaceful and their babies will be continually consumed if not conserved in time. Yet adult Swordtails room sizable enough to live peacefully alongside Firemouths.

Both fish are likewise from southern Mexico (notice both types in the very same pool in the video clip above together with wild Platies!) and prefer the very same moderate temperature (72-78F) and hard, slightly alkaline water (pH 7.0-7.5)

Considering how little their mouths are, remember come provide little flakes and pellets as Firemouths can eat substantially larger pellets. Swordtails come in dozens that varieties, all of which hybridize through each other and their close cousins the Platy. As a an outcome baby Swordtails often look nothing like their parental – or also each other!

Scientific Name: Xiphophorus helleriiOrigin: MexicoSize: 4 inchesTemperament: Peaceful

Convict Cichlid

Convict Cichlids are another central American native that space even much more popular than Firemouths. When not virtually as colorful Convicts do have actually beautiful orange job on their bellies, specifically adult females.

Be cautious with corresponding them v Firemouth Cichlids; in aquariums smaller sized than 30 gallons her Convicts may claim most that the tank as their territory, stressing the Firemouths out. And should castle breed, lock may also kill the Firemouths. In aquariums 55 gallons or larger, with plenty of rocky decorations, there’s enough an are for both species to case turf and also spar there is no harm.

If Convicts space a bit too scrappy for her Firemouths take into consideration some of their close relatives, such as the Honduran Red point (Amatitlania sp. “Honduran Red Point”). Not just do they have brighter colour (more blue and also orange) yet they are lot milder in temperament. Castle are additionally significantly rarer yet simply as simple to breed; finding a residence for the babies is no trouble at all!

Scientific Name: Amatitlania nigrofasciataOrigin: Central AmericaSize: 4-6 inchesTemperament: Semi-Aggressive come Aggressive

Salvini Cichlid

Most that the Nandopsis and also closely connected Parachromis genus space pretty aggressive and also several are absolutely enormous, including the Jaguar Cichlid (Parachromis managuensis). Yet the Salvini is the dwarf the the bunch, v 5 inches gift typical and 7 gift outside.

The Salvini is also one that the most colorful, v an extreme yellow elevator clashing v solid black, red, and blue. In tanks 55 gallons or larger they make wonderful tank mates because that Firemouth Cichlids.


Like their bigger cousins Salvini are ambush predators that prefer tiny fish, invertebrates, and other prey. You deserve to supplement this meaty offerings with all set cichlid pellets. Because that boldly colored types like the Salvini you’ll desire carotenoid-rich foods items to augment their red and also gold hues!

Scientific Name: Nandopsis SalviniOrigin: Central AmericaSize: 5-7 inchesTemperament: Semi-Aggressive come Aggressive

Congo Tetra

When us think that Tetras we frequently think that fish from southern America. However there are a variety of Tetras native Africa, yet only a few are commonly seen in the hobby. Of these the Congo Tetra is by much the many common.

Congo Tetras are uncovered in wooded, murky areas upriver in the Congo flow basin. They thus prefer heavily planted, dimly lit aquariums where they deserve to dart among live tree looking for little invertebrates choose bloodworms and daphnia.

Since they are huge for Tetras and need come be kept in institutions you’ll want at least a 30 gallon tank or larger for them to live alongside her Firemouths. Since Congo Tetras live in the center to top water column and also are totally peaceful castle will gain along splendidly.

Congo Tetras perform prefer water top top the softer next while Firemouths favor hard, alkaline water. The best method to accomplish the demands of both species is come balance the chemistry together close come neutral (pH 7.0) as possible.

Scientific Name: Phenacogrammus interruptusOrigin: West AfricaSize: 3 inchesTemperament: Peaceful; Schooling

Green Corydoras

Corydoras are ideal tank mates for most aquarium fish. They room peaceful, active, boldly patterned, and tolerant the a wide selection of water conditions.

The eco-friendly Corydoras is among the largest commonly accessible species, making it particularly well suited to live alongside semi-aggressive cichlids. Despite their size environment-friendly Corydoras are still schooling fish and should be kept in tiny shoals of at the very least six individuals to feel confident around open water swimming.

Corydoras together a team are excellent tank mates for Firemouths. Remain away indigenous the smallest varieties like the Pygmy Corydoras, but the majority are sizable enough to resist the occasional chase or nip from a ar Firemouth!

Scientific Name: Corydoras aeneusOrigin: South AmericaSize: 3 inchesTemperament: Peaceful; Schooling

Bristlenose Pleco

Plecos as a group are some of the best algae eaters because that a Firemouth aquarium. Your armor-like scales allow them to resist the sometimes nip and also many Plecos are territorial in their very own right. I recommend Bristlenose Plecos due to the fact that they don’t grow practically as big as few of their relatives and they room significantly an ext interesting in appearance.

Some are drab brown if others have pale polka dots or stripes. Most are center sized and also all are rather hardy unless wild caught. Bristlenose Plecos eat greatly algae and soft plant material but do need mature, waterlogged driftwood as well to chew on together it aids your digestion!

Scientific Name: Ancistrus sp.Origin: South AmericaSize: 4-6 inchesTemperament: Peaceful

Pictus Catfish

Pictus Catfish space sometimes called sharks as result of their forked tails, sleek look, and prowling swim pattern. Castle aren’t like most of the bottom dwelling, fairly lazy catfish we’re provided to keeping.

While relaxed towards likewise sized tank mates Pictus Cats room ravenous predators. They require not just prepared foods however worms, brine shrimp, and even small fish as fresh options.

If you execute breed her Firemouth Cichlids, beware of your Pictus Catfish! when the reproduction pair should be able to fend off the Catfish throughout the day at night it will be a various story. And once the young leave to fend because that themselves lock will nearly certainly end up being snacks for the Pictus Cat.

Scientific Name: Pimelodus pictusOrigin: South AmericaSize: 5 inchesTemperament: Peaceful; Predatory

Clown Loach

Loaches together a group are good tank mates for Firemouths. Continue to be away from the smaller, simple to swallow species like Kuhli Loaches and try the larger Clown Loach!

Being scaleless fish Loaches as a group are an extremely sensitive to medications and injuries. Wounds deserve to get quickly infected if exposed in water that’s high in bacteria, ammonia, nitrites, or nitrates.

Other than that, they room hardy bottom dwellers v a love of digging in soft sand. Loaches will eat just about anything but are especially fond that invertebrates. Snails are among their favorite meals – Clown Loaches will eliminate even the most tenacious Ramshorn Snail infestation!

Keep in mind the Clown Loaches not only grow huge but are schooling fish. You’ll require at least 180+ gallons for a team of adults uneven you rehome them together they grow. Fortunately, adult Clown Loaches room immensely famous in the hobby.

Scientific Name: Chromobotia macracanthusOrigin: Southeast ASiaSize: 10-12 inchesTemperament: Peaceful; Schooling

Rift Lake Cichlids

Rift Lake cichlids room very similar to their central American cousins in the they prefer warm, alkaline water riddled v rocky hiding places. They are additionally much an ext colorful, taking on hues that can contend even with reef fish!

While there are hundreds to choose from not all are great tank mates for Firemouths. Several, including most Mbuna, space too aggressive and territorial. The electric Yellow lab (Labidochromis caeruleus) is one of the many easy walk Mbuna and also brightly colored.

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Peacock CIchlids (Aulonocara sp.) room Malawi natives the are also peaceful because that cichlids and also stay reasonably small yet are brilliantly colored.

Rift Lake cichlid feeding habits vary depending upon the types but nearly all will certainly accept either all set or fresh/frozen choices (with Mbuna gift strongly vegetarian)!

Origin: Lake Malawi, Tanganyika AfricaSize: 4-8 inchesTemperament: Peaceful to Semi-Aggressive