Calculate the cubic clip of a volume or room by start the dimensions below. Go into dimensions in feet, inches, or even metric.

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What is a Cubic Foot?

Cubic footage is the volume that a room measured in feet. That the volume of a cube v width, length, and height same to one foot.<1>

Measurements in cubic feet are mainly used in the US and also parts the Canada.

Knowing the cubic footage of things or space is often essential for shipping, freight, and also landscaping projects.


How to calculation Cubic Feet

The very first step come finding cubic feet is to measure up the length, width, and also height that a room or item.

Then, transform the dimensions to feet.

Finally, apply the volume formula to solve cubic feet:

volume = size × width × height

How to calculation Cubic Footage utilizing Dimensions in Feet

To calculate cubic feet utilizing dimensions the are currently in feet, use the formula above to settle by multiply the three dimensions together.

For example, let’s calculation cubic footage of a volume that is 2 feet long, 3 feet wide, and 1 foot high.

volume = 2′ × 3′ × 1′volume = 6 cu ft

How to calculation Cubic Footage using Dimensions in Inches

If your measurements are in inches, then convert them to feet by dividing the inch measurement by 12, or use our handy inches to feet conversion utility.

Next, follow the steps above to calculate making use of dimensions in feet.

For example, let’s calculation cubic footage of a volume that is 36 inch long, 48 customs wide, and 24 inches high.

Start by converting every dimensions come feet.

length = 36″ ÷ 12 = 3′width = 48″ ÷ 12 = 4′height = 24″ ÷ 12 = 2′

Then get in the dimensions into the volume formula and solve.

volume = 3′ × 4′ × 2′volume = 24 cu ft

Alternative Method

An alternate approach is to go into the inch measurements right into the volume formula above and fix to find the volume in cubic inches.

Then, convert the volume in cubic inches to cubic feet by splitting by 1,728.<2>

cu ft = cu in ÷ 1,728

You can also convert utilizing our comfortable cubic inches to cubic feet switch utility.

For example, let’s calculation cubic feet using this alternative method.

Start by recognize cubic inches.

volume = 36″ × 48″ × 24″volume = 41,472 cu in

Then divide by 1,728 to uncover cubic feet.

volume = 41,472 cu in ÷ 1,728volume = 24 cu ft

How to calculate Cubic Feet using Dimensions in various other Units

If your measurements are in yards, centimeters, meters, or another unit that length, then the procedure to find cubic footage is comparable to that when the dimensions space in inches.

Start by convert your dimensions to feet. We offer several length unit conversion utilities to leveling this conversion, and the calculator above allows entering several units.

Finally, go into the convert measurements into the volume formula and also solve.

How to uncover Cubic clip of a Cylinder

To uncover the volume of a cylinder, use this formula:

cu ft = π × radius2 × height

Enter the radius and height in feet to get the volume in cubic feet. We likewise have a cylinder volume calculator that provides it straightforward to solve.

How to uncover Cubic Feet utilizing Area and also Height

Given the area of a space it’s possible to discover cubic clip if the height is also known. The formula for volume using area and height is:

volume = area × height

The volume is equal to the area time the height.

How to discover Cubic Feet using Square Feet

Square footage is a measure up of area. Due to the fact that volume is equal to area times height, merely multiply square feet times the elevation in feet to find the cubic footage.

You can likewise use a calculator favor our square footage to cubic footage calculator to simplify the conversion.

For example, let’s calculation cubic feet that a 5 square foot area the is 3 feet high.

Start by detect cubic inches.

volume = 5 sq ft × 3 ftvolume = 15 cu ft

Need help finding the area in square feet? shot our square clip calculator.

How to transform Other Volume units to Cubic Feet

If you have actually a volume measurement in cubic inches, cubic yards, cubic centimeters, or cubic meters, friend can convert to cubic feet making use of a basic formula.

This table shows the formula to transform several forms of volume come cubic footage.Volume UnitFormulacubic inchescubic yardscubic centimeterscubic meters
cu ft = cu in ÷ 1,728
cu ft = cu yds × 27
cu ft = cu cm ÷ 28,316.8
cu ft = cu m × 35.3

For example, let’s transform 3 cubic yards come cubic feet.

Start through locating the formula in the table above.

volume = cu yds × 27

Then enter the measurement to the formula and solve.

volume = 3 × 27volume = 81 cu ft

You can likewise use a volume conversion calculator to easily convert.

What room the size of One Cubic Foot?

As mentioned above, a cube v the volume the one cubic foot has actually sides that are one-foot in each dimension. Check out the table below for the dimensions in other units of measure.

Dimensions of a cube v a volume that one cubic foot.

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12″ × 12″ × 12″
0.334 yd × 0.334 yd × 0.334 yd
30.48 centimeter × 30.48 centimeter × 30.48 cm
0.3048 m × 0.3048 m × 0.3048 m

This calculator supports calculating the volume for a cube or rectangle, ours volume calculator helps you discover the volume because that even an ext shapes.


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