Before I present you 11 points that are 2 customs in diameter, it’s important to know what diameter is.If you have one line the goes through the center of a circle and also touches both sides of it, the size of the line is the diameter.Knowing the diameter of a specific item deserve to be really helpful specifically if you are comparing it come something else.If you understand the diameter the 1 item, climate you can use that to to compare the diameter of others.If you take a look in ~ the plenty of items that room 2″ in diameter, it will be simple to referee the diameter of other things the are around the same size.It might not be an exact measurement but it will certainly be close. The diameter of the log listed below is 25″ making use of the ice measure.

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Did you know? 2 customs is equal to 5.08 centimeters or 50.8 millimeters.I did part research and also found the adhering to 11 items had actually a diameter of about 2 inches. Soda canRoll of tapeVacuum cleaner wheelPool ballBaseball batCandleLemonTweeter speakerPVC plumbingFlat washerCurtain rod
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#1. Soda can

A soda can is a metal container provided to organize many common beverages throughout the world.A standard-size soda deserve to will hold 12oz that liquid and also have the size of 4.83″ tall and also 2.13″ diameter throughout the optimal of the can. The widest allude of the deserve to measures 2.6 inches.

#2. Role of tape

Tape rolls deserve to come in many sizes. There is not a one dimension fits every tape role that I know of. One of the most generally used tapes that countless households have is scotch tape.This is more of an all-purpose tape that works good on tiny jobs.If girlfriend look in ~ the actual role of scotch tape without the holder, it will have actually a diameter of roughly 2.9″ with the plastic cylinder insert.When the ice is approximately half used, that will have a diameter of 2.28″ and when totally used, the diameter is 1.4″.The formula to calculate that is quite complicated, yet if you space interested in checking it out simply click here.

#3. Vacuum cleaner wheel

Like a couple of other things mentioned on this list, the diameter of particular items can be more or less.This is true because that vacuum cleaner wheels. Depending upon the form of vacuum being used, the wheel sizes have the right to vary.Looking in ~ a conventional upright vacuum cleaner, it’s typical for them to have wheels with a diameter of 2″-2.25″ which is really close to the diameter the a soda can.

#4. Pool ball


Pool or billiards is one of the an ext common games to play that takes a many skill come perfect.People often wonder how big pool balls are and also the price is they are all the same.With the exemption of the cue ball. According to the world pool-billiard association, the diameter of a pool ball is 2.25″ or 57mm.The white cue sphere is 1/8″ bigger than the others.

#5. Baseball bat

Most baseball bats are either metal or wood with wood being used by major league baseball.Baseball players have the right to use different-sized bats i beg your pardon can additionally vary in weight.It’s usual for a baseball bat come be about 2″ in diameter and the maximum diameter permitted to be supplied is 2.75″.

#6. Candle


Candles room made in countless different sizes and if friend are trying to find a particular candle, you should have actually no trouble finding the ideal one.Too many options are obtainable to list. But many pillar-style candle will have actually a diameter of precisely 2″. It’s typical to check out a column candle with the dimensions of 6″ tall x 2″ in diameter.

#7. Lemon

The lemon is a citrus fruit that is commonly used for cooking and also in details beverages.Other provides are for family cleaning and also health benefits. Although no all lemons space the exact same size, many lemons girlfriend will watch in the grocery keep will be about 2″ in diameter.

#8. Tweeter speaker


A tweeter speak is likewise known together a treble speaker and also is supplied to create high audio frequencies as a loudspeaker.The normal range of frequencies is between 2 kHz and also 20 kHz although one-of-a-kind tweeters deserve to reach 100 kHz. These speakers all vary in size but it is typical to usage 2″ tweeters in many vehicle speakers.

#9. PVC plumbing

PVC pipeline is used for numerous plumbing jobs about the house, advertisement use, drainage systems, fire sprinkler systems, and more.PVC is affordable, durable, and easy come use. It is readily available at many hardware stores and also comes in different sizes.Although among the most well-known sizes is 1″ PVC, it’s usual to usage 2″ diameter PVC plumbing for particular uses.

#10. Flat washer

Flat washers are typically used in conjunction through a bolt and also positioned under the head to carry out a smooth bearing surface.They will likewise ensure that the fill is distributed over a more comprehensive area.These washers space made native a selection of materials from plastic, nylon, and steel.They additionally come in a range of sizes and a flat washer that is 2″ in diameter is very effective as result of its huge size.

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#11. Curtain rod

Many family members use curtain rods to host a curtain either closer or away from a window.Of course, all windows will certainly be different sizes and so will the curtain rod being used.Not just are the lengths different however the diameter can be together well.Curtain rod diameter can variety from 1″ to 2.5″ or much more with 2″ dimension being rather common.

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