once it concerns planning the ham for Easter dinner (or any meal whereby a large-format pork will be the hero), a variety of questions current themselves nearly immediately: Where need to I purchase the ham? What type of ham need to I buy? Bone-in or boneless? just how much ham per person? and also so on. Odds room your holiday meal will certainly be a bit smaller this year 보다 it has remained in years past, yet these questions remain simply as vital when offer your family of 3 as they were when you to be hosting 20. So, let’s break it down.

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How much ham per person?

The best rule of thumb for ham is to plan around 1/2 lb per human when choose a bone-in ham (it’s heavier) and 1/3 pound if boneless. Look, at the finish of the day, some human being will eat much more than expected, some will eat less—it’ll also out. If you’re make a lot of side dishes, err on the smaller side; if girlfriend texted her roommates "ham party at 3 p.m. Top top Sunday," consider buying more.

Buying the ham

Once you’ve chose how many human being you’re serving and have a vague idea of just how much ham you want, head to the store. Consider whether you want to purchase a fresh ham (totally raw, through pale pink flesh), cured (brined dried or wet, v pinker flesh; could be ready to eat or might require some cooking—they’ll be marked), or smoked and also cured (same together a cured ham, through the enhancement of a smoky flavor). Hams have the right to be purchase whole, halved, or spiral-cut (meaning presliced), and either boneless or bone-in; bone-in and smoked tends to have the most flavor. Plus, you can amp increase all that hammy goodness through your very own glaze.

to cook or not to cook

Some cured hams, like prosciutto you’d put on a sandwich, space edible the moment you take it them out of the package. Exact same goes for several of the large guys, too. For example, meat manufacturer D’Artagnan has actually a smoked, bone-in ham half that"s totally cooked and “can be offered cold, in ~ room temperature, or heated, v or there is no glaze.” (Though I’d still introduce foil-wrapping the ham and heating it up in the stove at 300°F, till it registers 140°F on a thermometer.) For 2 winning recipes, check out on.

Okay, so exactly how the heck do I chef ham?

If going native raw, check out the glazed ham recipe from neighborhood member Kayb (winner of Your best Baked Ham contest); because that a reduced lift, shot Food Editor Emma Laperruque’s apricot and Dijon-glazed spiral ham (aka precooked!) recipe.



Eating the ham

I’ll it is in honest: ns think sliced ham top top a plate is fine, however it won’t tear me away from the appetizers. A ham sandwich bar, on the various other hand, for sure will. Lay out potato buns, pickles, all the mustards you have the right to find, mayo, Swiss cheese, apricot or strawberry jam (yes, jam! top top ham! shot it!), and also a heap of sliced ham for one of the best sandwiches this next of a PB&J.

And For all Those Leftovers...

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You probably can"t eat a entirety ham, but why make a small section if going through the entirety ordeal? considering that there room so countless salty, fatty, porky recipes because that leftover ham, you really shouldn"t not perform up the large-format meat.

What sort of ham perform you prefer to buy? What’s your favorite ham side? Or leftover ham recipe? let us understand in the comments!