Visual perceptual an abilities are the an abilities that a child provides to make sense of what he or she sees. The eyes send visual information to the brain, and then the mind needs to interpret the information and make feeling of that all.

There are plenty of different visual perception skills, which all occupational together to aid your child discover to read and write. This page aims to help you understand the different facets of visual perception and also how friend can offer your kid a good structure in arising these skills!


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The different Visual Perceptual skills ... And also Learning

There room many locations of visual perception and also sometimes teachers and professionals differ in the terms they use to explain various visual perceptual tasks.

The complying with list is not comprehensive, but should sheathe the skills most frequently referred to in ~ the institution environment.

I offer a brief an introduction of exactly how each skill can help a child discover to review or write and then attach to a certain page the information, advice and tasks on my site to assist your child develop that skill.

Form Constancy

Form constancy help a child to realize the a letter stays the exact same no issue what font that is printed in, or whether it is created in a different place (such as on a board rather of in a book).

This skill can aid the son to recognize and also learn numbers and letters an ext easily.

Try these kind constancy activities and tips to help your kid learn how shapes and forms remain constant.

View Some type Constancy Activities

Visual Discrimination

Good intuitive discrimination can aid a son to pay fist to detail and tocorrectly perceive letters and numbers wherein there is just a tiny differencebetween castle (eg S and 5).

This skill can assist develop reading and also writing fluency, because the child can easily identify the letters and words there is no confusion.

Use these fun visual discrimination activities andgames to help your child learn to pay attention to visual details in matchingthings up and also spotting things that nothing belong.

View part Visual differentiate Activities

Figure-Ground Perception

Figure-ground perception helps youngsters find the correct details in a busy background.

Among various other things, this skill may assist a kid to not lose his/herplace when reading or once copying indigenous the board, and can help with map work and also dictionary skills.

Try these figure-ground perception activities to assist your child learn to find info in a liven background, using tasks and simplegames.

View part Figure-Ground late Activities

Visual Closure

Visual closure an abilities can aid your boy to makesense of points that are just partly visible.

This  can help your boy toread an ext fluently and also decode words much more accurately.

Try these straightforward visual closure tasks to help your child construct this skill.

View some Visual Closure Activities

Visual Memory and also Visual Sequential Memory

Visual memory and visual sequential memory an abilities can beat a vitalrole in reading and also spelling.

You need visual memory skills to remember vision words, and visual sequential memory skills can assist you remember the order of letters for spelling.

Make usage of readilyavailable family materials and inexpensive games to enhance visual memory and visual sequential memory.

View part Visual memory Activities
View intuitive Sequential storage Activities

Visual motor Integration

Visual engine Integration combines intuitive perception and also fine engine skills, and also is, therefore, a vital foundation for an excellent handwriting skills.

Try mine visual-motor integration tasks to assist prepare your child for official handwriting lessons.

View Visual motor Integration Info
View Visual engine Integration Activities

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What If My child Has bad Visual Perception?

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Give Your child a great Foundation!

How deserve to parents assist their son to develop an excellent visual processing skills? right here are a few tips:

1) Do numerous Gross engine Activities

Gross motor activities give the eyes lots of methods to track movement, readjust focus, and also experience depth and also spatial perception. This are essential for good visual perception

Eye-hand Activities

2) use A range Of intuitive Perceptual tasks


Expose your boy to a range of activities to develop the different skills. There are lots of concepts for basic hands-on tasks at home, top top various pages of mine site.

Here room some toys and games to look out for in your regional toy departments, or possibly you can borrow some from friends:

matching cardsjigsaw puzzlespegboardspattern blocksSeek and Find Books

You can also look on PFOT(#Ad) at the range they stock.

3) Limit display screen Time

Although devices can have many fantastic apps and also games the can build some visual skills, they regularly do not work-related on the full variety of visual perception skills the your child needs. In addition, since they space sedentary and the display screen tends to stay the very same distance far from the eyes, the visual device is not being tested to adapt and also develop the way it would certainly be if your kid was playing a hands-on video game on the floor, or play a ball game outside.

So execute encourage numerous hands-on tasks away indigenous devices!

4) Don"t count on Worksheets

It is really tempting to sit your son down v some pencil-and-paper worksheets that are supposed to work on intuitive perceptual skills. Yet honestly, the best way for a child to build visual perceptual skills is through play and also hands-on activities!

Both gross motor and fine engine play will provide many avenues to develop and also refine visual perceptual skills.

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Some beneficial Resources

Over the years, I have actually used this immensely useful resources to aid kids construct their intuitive perceptual skills.

There is a difference in between worksheets and also printable activities! Worksheets call for the kid to usage a pencil or crayon to finish the activity, whereas there are some an excellent printable activities that are reduced up into cards in bespeak to finish matching activities, graphing games and also so on - this are an excellent to use v preschool and also kindergarten kids.

- Printable Preschool Activities

These room some awesome printable activity resources that i use with younger kids to construct their visual perception skills.

Expose her toddler and also preschooler come simple, hands-on activities prefer these printables and also only introduce pencil-and-paper worksheets once fine motor skills are much more mature.

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Preschool Printable Activities

- because that Parents of Babies and also Toddlers

If you can get hold of that at her library, the book "From Rattles to Writing" (#Ad) is a an excellent resource to assist you encourage your child"s normal development from bear to 5 years.The target is to help develop every the skills your child needs for reading and also for writing.

It is packed full of yes, really practical activities using resources you probably currently have at home, and in addition to hand skill development, there is a section on visual motor development for annually of her child"s life native 0-5 years.