A usual question human being on MAC questioning is if weather or not their snail is dead. They might say that it hasn’t been relocating for a couple of days, or is hanging the end of that is shell. Or probably its all closed up and coming out. How deserve to you yes, really tell if your snail is dead?

The best means (not because that the squeamish) is to take the snail the end of the water and also sniff it. Yes, lift it up to your nose and smell it. Girlfriend will instantly know if the dead or not by smelling. A dead snail smells putrid, foul, disgusting, rotten, and like the worst point you have ever before smelled. If your not comfortable doing so, then read below.

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Another way to inspect if a snail is dead or not, is come tug ~ above its trapdoor. A trapdoor is a small door prefer thing that part snails have. When they room scared or are disturbed, they pull right into their shells and close the trapdoor so whatever disturbed them can not hurt them without going v the trapdoor. Not all snails have this, only mystery, apple, Japanese trapdoor, nerite, assassin and also Malasyan trumpet snails have these. Ramshorn and also pond snails do not have trapdoors (if i missed something allow me understand in the comments and i will modify the blog) .

If your snail has actually a trapdoor, then you deserve to take it the end of the water and also gently tug on it’s door. If the snail does no resist, climate its dead. If the does pull ago and near up, then it is alive.

Another method is to study the covering of the snail carefully. If the body of the snail is no much longer inside the shell then the snail may have died and also decomposed or was eaten.

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I think those room all the various methods. If her snail is close up door up but is alive, then it might be your water quality. Make sure you test your water and also have 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and under 40 nitrate. If the levels space not in the right range, then execute a water adjust with temperature matched and conditioned water. That could also be in its covering if the is gift disturbed by something. Watch carefully. If you see a fish bugging the snail climate it could be disturbing the which can cause it come close up.

If your water is perfect, naught is bothering her snail, and also its closeup of the door up however alive, then it could just be resting. Periodically snails can close up because that a while and also come out. Its perfect normal, as lengthy as everything else is fine. Just provide it some time and also it need to come out. Additionally don’t forget to feeding veggies and also food high in calcium, snails have the right to eat leftover fish food yet it is typically not enough for them. A piece of cuttlebone (you can obtain it in the bird section of a pet store) can provide extra calcium for your snail to help give it a strong shell.