"A the majority of married couples would certainly rather execute anything yet spend the night together," Brad tells smashville247.net in one of this week"s sheathe stories. "That"s no the situation in our house"

Each wedding anniversary, Brad Paisley and also Kimberly Williams-Paisley have actually a tradition: the country star and his actress mam sit down together with a special journal and also write down their favorite memories indigenous the previous year.

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"Our biggest hits," Kimberly, 49, tells human being in among this week's covering stories. "We record the meaningful moments, the finest laughs. That's a huge part of our relationship—focusing ~ above the laughter and also keeping a sense of play."

It's a formula that's operated so well that the couple, who met in 2001 when Brad, 48, asked Kim to it is in in the music video for his tune "I'm Gonna miss her," say their 18-year marriage is even far better than that was once they wed in 2003.

"A many married couples would rather do anything but spend the night together," claims Brad who was first smitten through Kimberly as soon as he observed her in the 1991 film Father that the Bride.  "That's not the instance in ours house."



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Ask what they still love about each other and also answers come easily: "You keep our residence afloat — seeing you give birth to two kids and also raise a 3rd is amazing," Brad says to his wife, jokingly counting self alongside young Huck, 14, and also Jasper, 11. "And you shot to carry out the best thing every the time."

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For Kim, it's Brad's "gigantic heart:" "You care about all creatures, good and small." need proof? She points come a current night of torrential rain the flooded the property roughly their Nashville-area residence when Brad ran exterior at 2 a.m. To check out if a swarm of goose eggs to be OK. "They weren't," that admits. Claims Kim, "But it's so sweet just how much girlfriend care."


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The pandemic shut down filming for Kimberly, who has actually starred in number of Hallmark and also Netflix movies, including last year's Christmas Chronicles 2, and also it preserved Brad turn off the road. He did continue to write and even filmed a Zoom video clip for his single "No ns in Beer," but he just played 3 in-person shows due to the fact that the pandemic started —  all drive-in, socially distanced concerts — conversely, in a normal touring year, the singer would carry out at 75 shows.

"She's used to three days a week at minimum that I'm gone, so we've learned a lot about ourselves this year," says Brad, before breaking right into a grin as he transforms to his wife. "I determined I really prefer being around you!"

Family ping pong, dodge-ball games and working with their new non-profit, The Store, a totally free grocery store in Nashville for civilization with food insecurity,  helped fill the time and lock both learned some new skills — Kimberly take it up bread baking (making focaccia through Huck to be a favorite) and Brad also stepped in once to aid color Kimberly's hair.