The exactly because that 1 is B. Enhanced public sanitation and accessibility to fresh water.The Romans developed aqueducts the went deep into mountains in order to have actually fresh water come indigenous river resources all the way down to civilization in cities. This meant that they might bathe more or have fresh water to drink or wash their clothing and all of it enhanced the basic sanitation.The correct for 2 is a. The building and construction of roads and also bridges promoted trade and also communication. They constructed roads towards Rome that can be offered by armies and also traders and messengers and everything could be excellent much much faster than before. This make it feasible to affix the empire an ext since human being could travel much much faster than before because the roads were that the highest possible quality.The correct for 3 is C. It promoted the rule of lawThis to be important due to the fact that for Romans law was everything and also nobody was above law. Their law was strict and also written on 12 tablets and also everyone had to abide through it and also they thought that nobody was more powerful than the law. This is what the dominion of legislation means.The correct for 4 is B. They built roads, aqueducts, and also harbors and also improved public health.They constructed aqueducts that detailed fresh water come cities and also this do the sanitation levels better. They developed harbors where merchants can come and bring new things and also these were an excellent trading hubs. They constructed roads that linked the whole empire and also made it lot safer. Every one of these do the realm stronger and were feasible because of clinical developments.The correct because that 5 have to be C. People of every social classes obtain equal treatment.There to be two main classes, patricians and the plebeians, and also they were favor the nobles and the commoners. They had actually different set of laws use to castle differently. Castle all had to respect what to be law but the law used differently come them. This is not common now due to the fact that now all human being are equal.The correct for 6 should be C. Back Rome conquered Greece, Greece overcame Rome culturally.Rome did dominate Greece physically and control that is territory however its culture was based upon Greek culture. The gods and myths were just like copies of the Greek ones, and also Roman writers and also poets were greatly influenced by those native Greek prefer those who wrote throughout the Dionysus festivals or similar.The correct for 7 need to be D. The earth is the center of the universe.Ptolemy do the geocentric concept that declared that earth is the facility of the universe and also all planets and also stars revolve roughly it. The was later proven by people like Galileo or Copernicus that the earth was in reality moving roughly the Sun but this was understood as heresy so they had actually to hide your theories.The correct smashville247.nets because that 8 are B. He enabled cities and also provinces a good deal that self-government and D. He performed a census to use as a basis for fairer taxation. The idea of collecting all legislations came later during Justinian that ordered civilization to gather it all. He offered regions greater autonomy which make it easier to govern the entire realm if you placed successful and an excellent people as rulers of this autonomous places. The census was made to do the common people an ext equal come the rich nobles.

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1. Enhanced public sanitation and accessibility to new water2. The building and construction of roads and also bridges promoted trade and communication.3. It advocated the rule of law.4. They built roads, aqueducts, and also harbors and also improved windy health.5. World of all social classes get equal treatment.6. Back Rome dominated Greece, Greece overcame Rome culturally.7. The planet is the facility of the universe.8. He allowed cities and provinces a an excellent deal of self-government. He conducted a census to usage as a basis for fairer taxation.