“Fame” Actor’s family Was Busted In A vast Crime Ring & the Passed Away means Too Young

If you’re native the Old School, you probably remember actor/dancer, Gene Anthony Ray, from the renowned 80’s TV show, Fame. He play the tough, street dancer name “Leroy,” who had a love because that dancing, but a slight trouble with authority.

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Gene’s Fame character was not that much off from that he to be in real life. Similar to his character, “Leroy,” Gene was an untrained dancer who learned how to dance, through battling at community block parties. He prospered up in a climate rough ar in Harlem, NY and also was in the highways a lot.

His Family’s Crime Ring Arrest

When he landing the function on Fame, the was when his life started taking a good turn. The only problem was some of his household didn’t do that shift with him and also instead, made decision to remain behind and indulge in a life of crime. We’re talking about Gene’s mother, uncles, grandmother, aunts…they were every living that life and also here’s what they ultimately got busted because that doing when Gene was at the elevation of his career…

In 1984, Ray’s mommy was arrested in a drug raid along with 14 others, including his grandmother, three aunts, and three uncles. Ray’s mother, 46-year-old Jean Ray, was charged through dealing heroin and also cocaine. His grandmother, 66-year-old Viola (Lilly) Ward, was carrying six ounces the cocaine and also a invited .38-caliber pistol as soon as she to be taken into custody. In in march 1984, after a two-week trial, Ray’s mom was convicted. Follow to police, she sold heroin and cocaine come undercover officers in numerous buys in 1983 that took place in Harlem bars. In April 1984 she was sentenced to at least 15 years, through parole eligibility in 1999. 

That’s no all though, regrettably seeing his mommy locked up, along with the remainder of his fam,’ started to take a serious toll on Gene and also he started to lose focus and indulge in illegal activities.

His Legal difficulties & Addictions

Ray made attempts come revive his career and also had quick success in theatrical phase plays, but unfortunately, his struggles left him jobless. Then came his brush v the law:

Although Ray, who remained really loyal to his mother, was never ever implicated in the medicine dealings, he to be under remarkable stress. After failing to show up because that Fame rehearsals 100 times and self-admittedly making use of drugs in between shoots, he was fired native the show in 1984. Ray’s usage of drugs and alcohol ongoing unabated. In 1992, with his use of alcohol the end of control, beam stole a party of wine from a Milan supermarket and also used that to attack two males who were taunting him. He to be arrested, although the fees were later dropped. Having actually squandered his wealth to feeding his drug habit, beam was unemployed. 

He Passed away With tiny Fanfare

Years later, Gene Anthony ray reunites v “Fame” co-star (screen-grab)

In 1995 there were numerous rumors circulating the Gene had actually passed away from AIDS. If his mother once shown that Gene to be HIV positive, that is no true that he actually passed away from HIV, no one AIDS in ’95.

Sadly, Gene did, in fact, happen away top top November 14, 2003 from complications he’d experienced from a hit in June of that year. He was just 41 year old.

Gene passed away with tiny fanfare. There to be no tendency media reports covering his death, over there weren’t hundreds of fans lining the highways as his casket rolled by in his funeral procession. Over there were just his close friends and also family who knew Gene Anthony Riley- the person, the actor, the dancer, the wrong soul, and the man.

That’s a stark contrast to what life once was because that him: The male who at just two decades old, had to hire 2 secretaries come answer the thousands of fan letter he obtained daily; The actor who was featured ~ above a TV present that, although that didn’t waiting as long in the U.S., it got 11 million consistent viewers in the UK.

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Life Is prefer A plank Game

It’s almost painfully funny how life works. The choices we make and also the results we gain as a result, have the right to oftentimes smother our achievements and practically bury them together if they never ever existed. Life is choose a board video game of Chutes and also Ladders. You’ll acquire the opportunity to roll the dice, navigate v life, yet along the way, her journey to the top might become complicated by virtues (ladders) or vices (chutes), that happens, yet don’t quit, store playing the game.