When it comes to hip hop, Tupac Shakur is just about as iconic together they get. The legendary rapper had actually a public feud with Biggie Smalls, which ultimately fueled the eastern Coast-West shore rivalry. Their document labels got involved, and it didn’t finish well. Sadly, both Tupac and also Biggie to be shot and also killed, yet their murders were never solved. It has actually been speculated that the rivalry and also gang life led to both of their deaths.

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However, before this deathly conflict, the two rappers had actually a nearby relationship. Exactly how did they go from great friends, to arch enemies? here is the full story the Tupac and also Biggie, from your friendship to their notorious feud. A lot happened, so obtain ready! If you room a i know good hop fan, this is certainly for you. Plus, we included some interesting facts you more than likely didn’t know around Tupac. You’ll never guess what they did v his cremated body.

Their an initial Meeting

Tupac and Biggie an initial came throughout each various other in Los Angeles, ago in 1993. Biggie, the Brooklyn-bred rapper request his drug dealer to present him to Tupac, that then invited Biggie to a party at his house. That’s where they shared a “big freezer bag that the greenest vegetable I’d ever seen,” follow to Dan Smalls, an intern in ~ Biggie’s brand at the time, also part of the group.


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Tupac acquired them high climate pulled the end an army bag fill with an equipment guns and handguns. “So now, we are in this backyard running approximately with weapons just playing,” Smalls says. That went top top to define that none of them were loaded. While they were playing around, Tupac went into the kitchen and starting cooking because that them. They had steaks, French fries, bread, and also Kool-Aid. According to Smalls, this was the beginning of the friendship the these 2 legendary rappers.

New Friend

During their an initial encounter, Tupac was currently a vast star, marketing platinum albums and also starring in movies. Biggie, on the other hand, was at the start of his career, wait for his huge break. Tupac wanted to help his new friend through his career, and he allow him right into his circle.


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Tupac’s longtime friend, E.D.I Mean, admitted, “We all believed he was a dope rapper.” Tupac gifted a bottle of Hennessy come Biggie, and also they had a seemingly solid friendship. Biggie crashed top top Tupac’s couch as soon as he concerned California, and also whenever Tupac was in new York, he choose Biggie increase in a white limousine. In 1993, the two of castle freestyled back-to-back in ~ a concert in ~ Madison Square Garden.

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The well known B.I.G.

Even though he got to do a cameo in ~ the concert, Biggie was still reasonably unknown outside of Brooklyn. Tupac, ~ above the other hand, was very popular in ~ the time. Yet, the would always give dedicated attention come Biggie, grooming him and enabling him to perform at his concerts. Tupac said, “I trained the n****; he provided to be under me favor my lieutenant.”


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Tupac additionally claimed come be brains behind Biggie’s style. “I offered to call the n****, ‘If you desire to make your money, you need to rap because that the b******. Perform not rap because that the n****s,’” Tupac went on come say, “the b****es will certainly buy her records, and the n****s desire what the b****es want.”