Great question. Over there are many kinds of birds,and several kinds of plants, therefore there’s no easyanswer, yet here space a few ways that some birdshelp some plants.

One means is by dispersing the seed ofplants.

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once birds eat fruits and berries,they move seeds far from the parent plant. Occasionally they carry out this by delivering a big fruitaway to eat it. Occasionally they execute this through eatingsmall fruits and also berries whole. As soon as theydefecate (poop) in another place, the seeds arealso covered with fertilizer. Once seeds grownear the parental plant, lock may compete for water,light, and also nutrients. When they are much away,they don’t complete with the parent or every otheras much. Over there may have actually been diseases or otherliving points that attacked the parent plant. Bird may have moved the seed away come a saferplace.

Another means is by pollinating plants. Hummingbirds relocate pollen indigenous one plant toanother, as with bees do. Prefer bees, thehummingbirds gain nectar indigenous the plants once theyvisit.

When members of 2 different species do thingsthat help both the them, we contact thismutualism. they don’t recognize that lock arehelping every other, yet it works out the way.

Bird droppings (poop) can likewise be afertilizer as soon as if drops on soil. This is notmutualism due to the fact that the bird doesn’t really benefitby dropping the waste near the plant.

Sometimes birds might assist plantsindirectly. because that example, an owl could eatmice that would have eaten a plant. Various other birdseat insects that can eat plants.

Can friend think of methods that plants helpbirds?

If you space interested in relationship betweenliving things, you might want to research ecology.

thanks for asking,Answer 2:

Yes, some of them do. Birds favor hummingbirds willeat the nectar in a flower, but some that the pollenwill stick to the bird and be transferred toanother flower. For plants to make new plants,they need pollen to go from one flower to anotherwhich birds aid with. Also, birds will certainly eat thebugs which deserve to hurt the plant. Some plants likethe spicy chili pepper have actually seeds that room spicyto mammals prefer humans, but aren’t spicy to birds.The plant has a spicy seed for this reason that only birds willeat them since birds have the right to spread the particle aroundfarther due to the fact that they fly.

Answer 3:

I never thought around whether birds assist plantsgrow. I know birds sometimes eat tree seeds, andthen they drop the seed somewhere else, and theseeds grow, for this reason the birds space helping the plants togrow in new places, farther away 보다 the seedswould go if the bird didn"t eat the seeds.

The web says birds also assist plants growby eat insects that are eating the plants. Andsome birds lug pollen native plant flowers toother tree flowers. Many flowers require pollen tomake fruit and also seeds.

Plants have ways to do birds aid them.Plants have bright flowers the birds see and also flyto, and also plants have actually leaves and branches forresting places and also shelters for the birds.

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Here"s the web site the tells around thesethings:

site Answer 4:

They don"t. Birds execute spread plant seeds,though, which help the plants reproduce, butthey don"t assist them grow.

Answer 5:

Birds can help plants flourish by spreading theplants" seeds, pollinating the tree themselves,and additionally by eating insects that space pests toplants.