Good Samaritan mark Lodge #139Gettysburg Knights Templar Commandery #79Job"s Daughters Bethel #12Order the the east Star chapter #392

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The bespeak of the east Star is the biggest fraternal organization in the civilization to which both women and men might belong. Worldwide, there are over 500,000 members under the basic Grand Chapter.

while this is one Order written of world of deep spirituality convictions, the is open up to every faiths, other than no faith. The personal welfare of our members is crucial to every one of those in the east Star, and it is taken into consideration a privilege to aid another member whenever us can. 

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you must believe in the presence of a can be fried Being (No Denomination in particular) If male, you must be: one affiliated understand Mason in an excellent standing, or the brother of an affiliated master Mason in good standing If female, you must be: the mam the daughter a legally embraced daughter the mother the widow the sister a half-sister the granddaughter the stepmother the stepdaughter the step-sister the daughter-in-law the grandmother the great-granddaughter the niece the great-niece the mother-in-law the sister-in-law or the aunt

Of an affiliated master Mason, or if deceased, one that was in good standing at the moment of their fatality

Also, those who have been members energetic for 3 years or majority of the international Order of the Rainbow girls or of the international Orders the Job"s Daughters, each of whom have attained the age of 18 are eligible

How come join? 

To start the process, you must an initial submit a petition for membership to Order that the eastern Star chapter #392 because that consideration. This petitions deserve to be derived by asking a recognized member the the Chapter to gain you one, by visiting the Chapter throughout one of our events or open up Houses, through contacting the Chapter directly, or by click the attach below: