Attitude in the Blizzard

I don’t like snow. I median I REALLY don’t favor snow. It is one of the points I dread the most. Ns travel fairly a bit and also a far-reaching portion the our service depends top top my capacity to travel. Eye stops travel. As much as i hate eye (did I cite how much I hate it?), it comes anyway. Yet, I know my attitude will identify my experience. So, once there’s a blizzard, construct a snowman.

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Things happen beyond our regulate sometimes. We deserve to worry about it. We have the right to think about all the the an unfavorable things that it will bring later. We can ponder top top the domino impact this an adverse event will have in ours lives. Or, we have the right to view it together an opportunity. What determines the result of a snowstorm or any kind of other an unfavorable thing? mine attitude.

Opportunities for Snowmen

Being snowed in because that a few days has its advantages. Ns was maybe to begin some an ext work refinishing the dining room walls. I gained to cook breakfast because that the totality family at when – southern layout – bacon, eggs, gravy, and also biscuits. I gained to clock my three-year-old daughter discover to pat Uno if laughing once my teenage child lost! I acquired to develop fires in the fireplace and hang out v my mam watching some of our favourite shows. We additionally learned the our youngest daughter doesn’t choose to pat in the snow. She doesn’t like the s or pools either. Perhaps she simply doesn’t favor water…

Every storm bring an opportunity. Our mindset determines whether or not we uncover it. When negative things happen, is over there something you deserve to learn? Is there something that is made possible by the difficulty?

Storms will certainly Come

Weather trends aren’t the only kind of storms we have. Storms, the is, difficulties, come in all of our lives. Periodically we lug them ~ above ourselves. Sometimes they just occur randomly. Everything the case, there can be an opportunity for miscellaneous good. However, if my mindset is filled through fear, dread, and doubt, the is not likely I will discover the opportunity.

Storms room inevitable. Are afraid is a choice. We tend to predict the worst. Us look at the potential domino effect of challenge and us take those dominos come extremes. The reality is, our too much predictions are usually wrong. Once looking in ~ the impacts of the snowstorm, I could construct a case where our agency will have to close. Yes, this is unrealistic. But going through a series of “what ifs” can lead me there.

Look at points for what lock are rather than going v a collection of negative, unrealistic possibilities. I select to look in ~ it because that what it is. The team and I will need to spend a small extra time recording up. Our perspective determines whether or not we deserve to see points for what they really are.

Stay Positive

Staying optimistic doesn’t mean avoiding reality. Ns don’t imply that everyone stick their head in the sand and not look troubles in the eye. However, look at what you have the right to do and forget the rest. Once our perspective gets hijacked by fear, we have a tendency to think we’re out of control. Fear is a an effective emotion that brings about powerful thoughts that helplessness.

There space some points I can do and also things ns can’t. Some things room within mine control and also some points aren’t. Ns can choose to see myself as aimlessly floating around with life happening come me. This is one out-of-control, fear-based way of thinking. That an perspective that will keep me anxious, worried, and afraid. Staying positive simply means recognizing that ns am no helpless and the instance is not hopeless.

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Having a much better attitude doesn’t average you suddenly choose the storm. Think me, ns still hate snow – did I point out that? What it method is being willing come take control of what girlfriend can and also forget what girlfriend can’t. Nothing be afraid. You have the right to do this. This storm will pass. In the meantime, build a snowman.

What help you the most when you confront difficulties? Comment below and help others acquire through their turbulent time!