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There are many reasons why it’s essential to be able to say “sorry” in Spanish, or any kind of other language you learning. It’s among the first things you discover when you start learning a language, and also we’re certain you know why. Not just is that useful; it additionally shows manners, and also those are important to have no matter where friend are. The said, you will do it be glad that you learned exactly how to say sorry in Spanish culture!

Here’s an example: stop say you’re on a pilgrimage to Spain, you’re walking under the street, and you by chance bump right into someone. They might not understand you’re a tourist that doesn’t speak lot Spanish, for this reason you have two choices here: you could choose not to say anything and also look like the bad guy, or you might apologize and show just how polite girlfriend are.


This is only one instance of wherein you would need to say the you’re sorry in Spanish ~ above a an easy short trip to Spain, but if you’re planning top top a longer trip—or on moving there—you’ll quickly start to make Spanish-speaking friends. Also if she a trusted person, there space many cases where her friends can require an apology. You could forget your birthday, or girlfriend could…step on their dog’s tail through accident? Or what if you satisfy a distinct someone and you forget crucial date? Anything can happen.

As you deserve to see, the list might go on and on. Us all do mistakes sometimes, and because we’re certain you’re a good person, we’re going to aid you find out a couple of different ways to to speak “sorry” in the Spanish language, and how and when you should use each of them. Begin with a bonus, and also download your complimentary cheat paper – exactly how to improve Your Spanish Skills! (Logged-In Member Only)

1. Nine methods of speak “Sorry” in Spanish

1- Perdón

When learning exactly how to to speak “sorry” in the Spanish language, one of the very first words you need to recognize is perdón. Perdón is the many common means of saying “sorry,” and also this also happens to be the Spanish word because that “forgiveness”. We don’t think about this indigenous to it is in formal or informal, due to the fact that this word deserve to be offered in different contexts. Yet do save in mind that it’s always used in minor occurrences such as the case in the instance below.

Example: Perdón, creo que that cogido tu lápiz sin querer.

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Translation: “Sorry, i think ns unintentionally got your pencil.”

Another instance when you could apologize using words perdón would certainly be the very first example we mentioned before, which is if friend bump right into someone by accident.

2- Lo siento

Lo siento is one more common means to apologize in Spanish, and also is commonly the an initial one you learn when starting to find out Spanish, due to the fact that it’s no as limited in meaning as the word perdón. It literally way “I feeling it” and also it converts to “I’m sorry.”

It can be supplied in a much wider sense than words perdón: You have the right to use it for both boy and significant incidents. For example, it can be supplied to market your condolences after her friend damaged up through someone, or ~ someone has actually been fired.

This one has actually a couple of simple variations: If she not just sorry, however very sorry, you say: Lo siento mucho. You use a third version, Lo siento muchísimo, if she very, very sorry.

Example: Marta, lo siento mucho, me acabo de enterar de lo de tu padre.Translation: “I’m so sorry, Marta, I simply heard about your father.”

There’s quiet one last very common sports of this phrase, which consists of forming a sentence the starts with siento, still meaning “I’m sorry,” adhered to by the activity or situation you’re sorry for. Nothing worry, we’ll offer you an example of this one too.

Example: Siento que hayas tenido que pasar por esto.Translation: “I’m sorry you had actually to go v this.”

3- Lo lamento

This expression is very similar to Lo siento, but it’s usually used either as soon as you regret something or in sad situations, such as as soon as offering your condolences. Lo lamento is, by far, no as frequently used as Lo siento, so there’s no have to worry about memorizing this one ideal away.

Example: Me that pasado con esta broma. Lo lamento.Translation: “I went too much with this prank. I’m therefore sorry.”

4- Perdona

Perdona is another an extremely common native in Spanish, and it equates to “excuse me.” Some people say that all waiters and waitresses room actually dubbed “Perdona,” as that’s what one typically uses to speak to them. You should additionally use this native if you want to questioning a stranger for directions.

Example: Perdona, ¿me puedes pasar la sal?Translation: “Excuse me, can you pass me the salt?”

5- Perdone (formal)

Perdone is usually the formal version of perdona, because it adheres to the conjugation of the kind usted, rather of (the usual “you”). If girlfriend don’t recognize much Spanish yet, nothing worry about it, as it’s no that common anymore and it’s very likely you will do it never have to use it. We’ll usage the same example we provided with the kind perdona, however translated to “pardon” for this reason the distinction is an ext obvious. Also an alert that the main verb that the question also changes native puedes come puede.

Example: Perdone, ¿me puede pasar la sal?Translation: “Pardon, would certainly you mental passing the salt?”

6- Perdóname

This one can sound similar to the previous 2 words in the list, but it actually has actually a various meaning, i m sorry is “forgive me.” friend can additionally say perdona as soon as you median to to speak “forgive me,” yet not the other method around; for this reason you don’t say perdóname once you mean to say just a casual “excuse me.”

Example: Perdóname, no pretendía hacerte daño.Translation: “Forgive me, i didn’t average to pains you.”

7- Disculpa or discúlpame

This word, disculpa, has the specific same meaning as perdona, yet it’s slightly much more polite. When you deserve to use perdona in every situations, this indigenous is more limited in use. For example, a young human doesn’t typically say disculpa come friends or family, but rather once addressing a stranger, a teacher, or a boss.

While perdona and perdóname don’t always have the very same meaning, disculpa and discúlpame are completely interchangeable.

Example: Disculpa/discúlpame, se dare han caído las llaves.Translation: “Excuse me, girlfriend dropped your keys.”


8- Disculpe (formal)

Similar come the difference in between perdona and also perdone, disculpe is the formal version of disculpa. It have the right to be translated to “pardon” or “I beg her pardon.” We’ll usage the same instance as us did v disculpa, v a pair of alters to make the difference an ext obvious.

Example: Disculpe, señor, se le han caído ras llaves.Translation: “Pardon, sir, girlfriend dropped her keys.”

9- Mi más sentido pésame

Looking for how to to speak “sorry for your loss” in Spanish? This critical phrase have the right to only be used during funerals or when offering your condolences. Together we stated previously, friend can additionally use Lo siento or Lo lamento, but this one is much more specific and also standard.

Example: Tu padre era un gran hombre. Mi más sentido pésame.Translation: “Your father was a an excellent man. My deepest condolences.”

2. 4 other sentence You might Use come Apologize:


When friend truly want to apologize to someone, friend don’t simply say “sorry” and leave, right? In instances like this, you’ll desire to understand other sentences that might be valuable someday if you should apologize to who in Spanish. As opposed to the previous list, these phrases room pretty straightforward to interpret into English and also their meanings, once you understand them, will make perfect sense. Don’t worry, we’re walk to offer you instances of every solitary one. This is our shortlist of helpful phrases concerning how come say “sorry” in Spanish culture.


1- No era mi intención (“It was no my intention”)

Example: Siento haberte hecho daño. No era mi intención.Translation: “I’m sorry i hurt you. It was not my intention.”

2- No lo volveré a hacer (“I won’t carry out it again”)

Example: Perdón por comerme tu bocadillo. No lo volveré a hacer.Translation: “I’m sorry ns ate your sandwich. I won’t perform it again.”

3- No volverá a pasar/ocurrir (“It won’t happen again”)

Example: Sé que the cometido un error, pero no volverá a ocurrir.Translation: “I understand I make a mistake, yet it won’t happen again.”

4- No debería haberlo hecho (“I shouldn’t have actually done it”)

Example: Creía que estaba haciendo lo correcto, pero estaba equivocado. No debería haberlo hecho.Translation: “I assumed I to be doing the right thing, but I to be wrong. I shouldn’t have actually done it.”

3. Six different Answers You can Get ~ Apologizing:


Just favor in English, there room a couple of different methods of accepting an apology in Spanish. In Spanish, over there are just a few of this responses and also they’re pretty straightforward to understand, together they all have actually a direct translation to English and a an extremely clear meaning, so when again, castle don’t call for an explanation.


1- No dare preocupes (“Don’t worry”)

Example: A: ¿Te he pisado? ¡Perdón!B: No dare preocupes, ni lo he notado.Translation:A: “Did I action on you? ns sorry!”B: “Don’t worry, ns didn’t even feel it.”

2- No pasa nada (“It’s nothing”)

Example: A: Ay, lo siento, he vertido un poco de agua.B: No pasa nada, voy a por un trapo.Translation:A: “Oh, ns sorry, i dropped a little of water.”B: “It’s nothing, okay go acquire a cloth.”

3- No importa (“It no matter”)

Example: A: ¿Ayer fue tu cumpleaños? Perdóname, ¡se me olvidó!B: No importa.Translation:A: “Your date of birth was yesterday? forgive me, i forgot!”B: “It doesn’t matter.”

4- Te perdono (“I forgive you”)

Example: A: Lo siento, mamá, the roto una taza. ¿Me perdonas?B: Claro que te perdono.Translation:A: “I’m sorry, Mom, I damaged a cup. Deserve to you forgive me?”B: “Of course I forgive you.”


5- Gracias (“Thanks”)

Example: A: Mi más sentido pésame.B: Gracias.Translation:A: “I’m i m really sorry for her loss.”B: “Thanks.”

6- No es culpa tuya (“It’s no your fault”)

Example: A: Lo siento mucho, pero no puedo ir esta noche, mi padre está enfermo.B: No es culpa tuya, ya nos veremos en otro momento.

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Translation:A: “I’m for this reason sorry, however I can’t walk tonight, mine dad is sick.”B: “It’s not your fault, I’ll see you some other time.”

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We expect this short article on how to speak “sorry” in the Spanish language was useful to you. Continue practicing, and it won’t be lengthy until you understand the art of just how to to speak “sorry” in Spanish culture. Best of luck!