What is the many universally-used greeting once answering the call (i.e. Way to say, "Hello?")? room there any circumstances whereby the greeting would be various (for example, once answering a phone call where you already know who is calling)? What local differences room there in this area from country to country?


Complementing Alenanno"s answer, ns summarized this Wordreference thread :

¿Bueno?: Mexico¿Sí?: Mexico, Spain¿Aló?: Colombia, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, VenezuelaHola: Argentina¿Diga?: Spain, Argentina¿Dígame?: Spain¿Oigo?, ¿Dígame?: Cuba


I found a page with some polite language on the phone in smashville247.net.

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The "¿Bueno?" you check out at the start is maybe interpreted by any kind of smashville247.net speaker, but it seems it"s mainly used in Mexico. In other Latin American countries they say "¿Aló?". In Spain they use "¿Dígame?" or ¿Diga?".


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