A new girl relocated here and also doesn"t speak Spanish. I"m make the efforts to talk to her. I"m trying to learn her name.

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I hope you don't mental that ns corrected part capitalization and spelling mistakes. Us have people learning English here. - sanlee, ABR 25, 2011
As well, psychic this is a English to Spanish & Spanish come English finding out site, questions around other languages should be asked what the languages are taught. =) - DJ_Huero, ABR 25, 2011

¿Cómo car llamas? personal

¿Cómo se llama? formal

Both of the over questions space literally asking, "What carry out you speak to yourself"?Because llamas and llama space both conjugations that llamar, which means, come call. Yet those creates are commonly used come ask somebody their name.

If you want to say, I speak to myself... , you would certainly say,

Me llamo.....

Feliz did give a an excellent answer, yet I assumed I could clarify that their is a difference in between saying I contact myself ........ And also saying my name is.

If i litteraly want to to speak my name is, I would say,

Mi nombre es ...

If girlfriend litteraly wanted to say, what is her name, you would say,

¿Cuál es tu nombre? personal

¿Cuál es su nombre? formal

However that is more interrigative and also is no heard as often. However if you carry out hear it, girlfriend won"t be confused by knowing the difference. You could even hear it favor so,

¿Tu nombre?

¿Su nombre?

Thought I might save you part confusion, for once you hear the variables.

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Hello Lily and Welcome come the smashville247.netforum

Spanish 1 ¿Cómo te llamas? If you space talking come a friend/someone you recognize well or a child, or who younger than you

2 ¿Cómo se llama Ud? If you are talking to an enlarge person, a stranger or someone in authority

In instance she might speak French:

French 1 : Comment vous appelez-vous? = What is your name? This is the french formal type (equivalent to ¿Cómo se llama Ud? ) used to deal with people you do not know/older people

French 2 Comment t"appeles-tu? The informal type to address friends and people you understand well, human being younger 보다 you and also children

Brazilian Portuguese: Cual é o seu nome? = What is her name? Como (você) se chama? What is your name?

I would encourage you to hear to the Spanish lessons obtainable here on video clip clips presented by our qualified teacher Paralee Whitmire I believe she mentions questions prefer that in her very first lesson. Below is a link to the lessons connect text

We also have many other wonderful resources such together the phrase publication where girlfriend can type in your requested phrase/s and you will be required to a web page with words and also phrases connected to her requested phrase written in Spanish and also English. Every the phrases are checked by a team of fluent and advanced speakers prior to being accepted.