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Paintball is a sports that entails shooting paintballs v the aid of a paintball gun and compressed waiting housed in a tank. The compressed wait pushes pellets from the gun to its targets. Together you can have guessed, the gas doesn’t last forever. It requirements replacement after the is exhausted. You should know and also understand just how to to fill a paintball tank with an waiting compressor, for this reason you deserve to resume shooting in no time.

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Air compressors room widely used to fill paintball tanks at residence without the stress and anxiety of seek a professional’s help. However, refilling an waiting tank is nothing compared to pumping air right into your vehicle tires. This procedure involves getting an air compressor that has actually the right press to help refill a paintball tank.

Refilling paintball tank requires various actions that must be complied with properly. In this article, we will share exactly how you deserve to fill a paintball tank with an wait compressor seamlessly.

What type of paintball tank do you have?

4. Revolve the compressor on

It’s currently time to turn the air compressor on. Ensure the compressor’s strength cable is linked properly before beginning it. It takes a few minutes before the tank is filled with new air as soon as you use a compatible waiting compressor.

5. Clock the gauges

There room two gauges you must pay fist to as soon as filling your paintball tank – the one on the wait compressor and also another ~ above your gun. Girlfriend should very closely watch both gauges as you refill your tank, therefore helping you to countercheck the gauge’s function. Typically, both gauges should move similarly.

6. Stop “Hot Fill”

A major mistake people make as soon as filling a paintball tank is rushing and doing it too quickly. It is termed “hot-filled” and also it occurs as soon as you press the button or lever too much. The air travels into your paintball tank and also causes the gauge to conveniently rise. Such motion can damage your tank, so friend should shot to stop this instance as lot as you can.

A “hot-fill” usually appears to to fill the paintball tank, but in reality, the doesn’t. Couple of minutes after ~ disconnection, the gauge will reduce even without use. Friend don’t desire to see an empty tank just minutes after girlfriend refilled it. You can avoid this through refilling the tank slowly.

7. Release the pressure

After refilling the paintball tank, there would certainly still be part air within the air compressor ready to obtain passed right into the tank. Some civilization forget this and it can cause issues later on. This overabundance air deserve to be released v the release valve attached come the compressor. When you press the valve, every the extra air will certainly escape.

If friend fail to relax the pressure before removing the hose, you can put your tank in trouble, and have to invest to replace it.

8. Detach the hose

After you’re excellent releasing the pressure, detach the water tap from the tank’s fill nipple. By a straightforward pull, you deserve to remove the hose. After girlfriend must have actually removed it, you should ar it gently ago in a for sure compartment and also you’re prepared to beat paintball again.

Final thoughts

A paintball gun can’t work when the wait in that tank is exhausted. The tank requirements to be refilled to gain back its capacity and continue shooting pellets. However many people are not acquainted with the processes connected in pour it until it is full a paintball tank. As we discussed before, the tank can be filled with an waiting compressor. You need to follow several measures to fill her paintball tank safely and also correctly.

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Our post has closely explained the basic steps you should follow come fill her paintball tank v the waiting compressor. If you want to learn exactly how to to fill a paintball work-related air compressor, this article is the right guide for you, thanks to its considerable details.