I’ve had snails for a few years now. Periodically they’re active, and sometimes they’re not! Warmer the water, the more active lock are; cooler water, they sluggish down. Keep smelling it. That’s the sure test. That will additionally fall the end of its covering if given a tenderness shake ~ a slim dead smell. Perform that end a container or you will have actually a smelly chaos everywhere. So, no smell, leave it alone.Another point I’ve done to call if the is dead when the door is tight, is to hold it up against a lamp bulb. You can see v the covering and, once dead awhile, the within shrinks and there is a many empty shell contrasted to body of snail. - Carley



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Sometimes, an enig snails withdraw right into their covering for a couple of days. It’s no doubt a an excellent way come temporarily to escape the vagaries that life. As soon as they space out that the shell and also inactive, snails room usually deceased. The resultant decomposition will easily pollute the aquarium water. - Johnarthur

Snails wrote:

Here are 4 easy means to tell if your snail is dead or alive:

The smell Test: If you want to know if a snail is dead, first is the smell. Castle REEK. However, a dead snail might not smell for a couple of days.

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Does the snail retract: If you pick them up, they have to retract back into their shell, despite larger, braver ones don’t retract all the way.Does the trapdoor continue to be shut: Tug at their trapdoor (assuming that is an apple snail). Just a tiny tug, or you can risk hurting it. If you feel resistance, hooray! your snail isn’t dead!Does it respond to touch: If her snail hasn’t reacted and also is quiet hanging out, the last, final method is to tickle it’s stomach. It should trigger a solution right away.

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What to do if you are not sure if her snail is dead or alive:

1. Inspect the water parameters. Snails are susceptible to sudden PH changes and ammonia or nitrite develop up in the water.

2. Aid the snail combine its shell with calcium. Make sure you administer enough calcium. Cuttle bone works rather well. However, if using cuttlebone, boil it really briefly. Then it will sink favor a rock. Otherwise it will certainly float prefer styrofoam, for weeks and weeks. One more option is to use the fish feeder vacation blocks, i m sorry are another excellent source of calcium; snails devour castle to get the fish food tidbits inside them. (Cuttlebone and also fish feeder information noted by Fishfur) You might also try this snail jello recipe:


3. If your snail is inactive, it might be best to eliminate it from the tank and place the in a jar/bowl with tank water (assuming the parameters space good). Here is exactly how Carley proposal doing it:

I have a plastic, 2 cup measure up cup with a handle. I filled the 3/4 with the tank water and also hung the on the inside of tank. I put questionable snail in it. Readjusted the water a few times a day. That means if the snail dies it does not pollute the tank.


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4. If you suspect the snail is simply sick, friend could try an waiting bath as suggested by Fishfur:

It is the just thing I recognize you can do for part sick snails, and no guarantees, sorry. Dampen a towel and also make a swarm out of it on a water proof surface. Put the snail in the middle of the towel nest and also wait. View if it comes out. You have the right to safely wait at the very least a half hour. If he comes out, you can let the sit for 20 minute or so.Some snails through a sort of fungal worry on the foot respond to this ‘air bath’ and also one various other poster awhile ago had one sort of choose yours and also it likewise responded. Don’t really understand why the works once it does, but it can’t pains the animal. They have the right to last hrs in waiting if they fall out of a tank and also they deserve to breathe air, for this reason it’s something girlfriend can shot if you great to.

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Here is an additional version that the wait bath together posted through RealConfused:

I know small about the subject, yet on another site, someone stated to take the snail out set on cool surface for a minute location in food or bowl with just a few drops that water because that 15 min. Then replace in tank. You can repeat this twice only. Ns did the after a water change. It either really functioned or snail was simply hiding because that awhile.