This is more than likely one the the most straightforward phrases that world learn in Spanish and one of the first things you discover in Spanish courses.

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In genuine life, the question: “¿cómo estás?”, is just one the the countless ways that native speakers have for asking each other how’re lock doing.

You might use this basic phrase in all your conversations.

But, what if a aboriginal speaker hits you v a various one?

Would you just stay there v a poker face?

It’s really important to know different ways of speak the exact same thing in Spanish since your conversations can flow at a an ext natural speed.

In this blog post, i am going come share 40 different phrases come say: exactly how are you in Spanish.

40 various phrases come say how are you in Spanish


In English, you might use specific phrases relying on how officially or not blocked you desire to sound.

For example, that isn’t appropriate if friend say hi to her boss, on your very first day at occupational like:

“Yo man! what’s been up?… law good?”

Some phrases, thought, can make feeling in certain regions, for instance:

In the US world often say: “how girlfriend doing?”Now, in England human being tend to say: “how’s you?”

Even though it’s the same language, human being in different parts that the human being use different phrases to express the very same thing.

Other phrases like “how are you” are more neutral.

In various other words, they occupational in the US, England, Australia, etc.

The sport on these type of phrases happen in Spanish too.

Like the 24 different ways to say “how space you in Spanish” i made on video the various other day:


That video probably offered you principles of some various ways come ask exactly how are friend in Spanish.

Now, Let’s go through 40 phrases for this reason you deserve to have much more options in your next conversation.

Above all, have in mind that these phrases might make feeling in some countries, yet they might be entirely unknown in others.

Let me display you!

Click here to download a PDF with all the paragraph that ns list ~ above this article and receive more an excellent Spanish discovering tips because that free.

Neutral phrases come say how are friend in Spanish


The phrases that you are about to review are largely from Medellín.

Not every one of them sound proper in other regions, but none of lock is offensive.

Also, have actually in mind the these phrases are all informal.

Try to avoid them if you’re plan to meet a service executive or something prefer that.

23- ¿Qué cuenta pues?: Literally interpreted would it is in what perform you count?

Just like all the various other phrases we’ve watched so far, it method how are you.

24- ¿Qué se dice?: What do you say? however it’s interpreted as how are you in Medellín.

25-¿Qué más?: What’s up?

26-¿Qué más parcero?: What’s up buddy?

27- ¿Qué más pues?: What’s up?

28- ¡Quiubo!: What’s up?

29- ¿Quiubo pues? What’s up?

30- ¡Quiubole!: Wazzup?

31- ¿Bien o no?: It method literally, doing good or not?, but people indigenous Medellín interpret it as just how are you?

32- ¿Bien o qué?: This one means literally, doing an excellent or what? however just a the ahead one, the answer you require to offer to this inquiry is: “bien, gracias… or bien, ¿y vos?”

33- ¿Todo bien?: You alright?… I know this sounds favor if someone would certainly be check on your health and wellness or something, however friends in Medellín usage this phrase to say exactly how are you all the time, for example: Hola, ¿qué más? ¿todo bien?

34- ¿Cómo vamos pues mijo?: just how is that going, buddy? … In this inquiry we see words “mijo”, which is short for “mi hijo” (my son), this is simply slang because that “buddy” in Colombia.

Something interesting about these unit volume is that civilization might combine them.

So, it’s very likely that if someone in Medellín desires to say, “hey, what’s up man?” they might use one or much more of this phrases in ~ the exact same time, choose this:

¿Qué más? ¿bien o qué?¿Todo bien? ¿qué cuenta pues?¿Quiubole? ¿Cómo vamos pues?¿Qué más parcero? ¿bien o qué?

How world say “how space you” in other countries

I don’t know many expressions from other countries to say exactly how are you, however I want to share through the people I’ve heard.

First, these room the people I’ve heard from mexico people:

35- ¿Qué pedo?: What a fart?… Yes, “pedo” means fart, and I know it sound weird but they say that a lot. However, in this case, it means what’s up?

36- ¿Qué pasa?: What’s up?

37-¿Qué pasa hermano?: Wha’ts increase bro?

38- ¿Qué onda?: What’s up?

In Venezuela human being say a lot:

39- ¿Cómo estás pana?: What’s increase buddy?… “pana” is a native that world use in most countries of Latin Amércia, and it way buddy.

And finally, in Spain, among the most usual how are you’s are:

40- ¿Qué pasa tio?: What’s up buddy?… “Tio” is simply slang for “buddy” in Spain.

Click right here to download a PDF through all the phrases that i list on this article and also receive more good Spanish discovering tips because that free.

Which one need to you use?

So there you have it, those are all various ways that saying how are girlfriend in Spanish, the one friend use should go according to just how formal or informal you want to sound or the an ar which girlfriend visit.

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However, if friend don’t desire to overcomplicate things, just use the neutral and basic: ¿cómo estás?.

Now, I have a concern for you: execute you know any other method to say exactly how are friend in Spanish? maybe a phrase you heard in part country?