I really want to say i love you to my best friend and I dont know the spanish native for best friend have the right to you you re welcome tell me ?


Que carinoso!


Mejor amigo o amiga significa finest friend.

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Te quiero o dare amo significa i love you.

Yep!! all these people are correct!!! "Mejor amigo / amiga" (depending top top gender) way "best friend".

Here"s why: "Amigo / Amiga" method "friend". "Amigo" is offered when the friend you are referring to is of the male gender, and "amiga" is used when the girlfriend you space refering to is of the mrs gender.

Now, just as a next note, let"s to speak you want to talk around a group of friends. Girlfriend would usage "amigos / amigas". If anyone in this team of friends was of the feminine gender, climate you would usage "amigas" (which makes sense - you simply take the singular kind for a female girlfriend "amiga" and include an "s" to indicate there is an ext than one feminine friend). If anyone in this team of friends was of the woman gender, climate you would use "amigos" (which renders sense again because that the same reason proclaimed above).

Now, because that the tricky part: What if you to be referring to a group of people that contained both females and also males? Well, in Spanish, you would certainly use words "amigos". The doesn"t matter if you to be talking about all of the female human being in the human being because, the moment you add even one male friend to the group, the word alters from "amigas" to "amigos". Interesting, isn"t it?

The various other word girlfriend would require to recognize in order come say "best friend" is "mejor", which means "best". "Mejor" doesn"t finish in an "o" or an "a", so we don"t need to worry about an altering it for details genders. Therefore, you would say "mejor amiga" to describe your ideal female friend and also "mejor amigo" to refer to your best male friend.

But what if girlfriend had more than one best friend? Well, friend would have to make "mejor" many to show that there is more than one girlfriend (and to match the plural kind of "friend" (amigas / amigos) the you would certainly then need to use). In Spanish, as soon as a word end in a consonant (a letter the isn"t a vowel; any letter various other than a, e, i, o, and also u) you have actually to include an "es" come the finish of the word to make it plural. So, you would certainly say "mejores amigas" or "mejores amigos". Again, because "mejor" doesn"t finish in an "a" or one "o", girlfriend wouldn"t have actually to issue about changing it to complement gender.

Just as one more side note, opposing of "mejor" (which method "best") is "peor" (which way "worst"). The is provided in the very same manner. You deserve to say "peor amigo / amiga" or "peores amigos / amigas".

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I hope this helps you and gives friend a little bit of understanding into some facets of the Spanish language.