Imagine you’re sit at a cafe in Montmartre and also your French friend asks girlfriend if you’d favor to go for a walk. Girlfriend don’t really feel favor it and would quite relax, therefore you to speak “non”.

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You did express what you wanted to express, yet it sounds a little harsh, no it?

Now imagine what it would certainly be prefer if you could say “not now”, “so so” or “not really”. You would certainly sound much more natural, wouldn’t you?

That’s why after learning 21 means to speak yes in French, you will do it now discover 13 ways to say “no” in French.

1 The timeless “no”
2 That’ll be every
3 No means
4 never ever
5 i’m simply looking
6 The impossible “no”
7 no yet
8 The inconsistent “no”
9 not at all
10 not really
11 later on
12 Unfortunately no
13 The disappointed “no”
14 What’s your favorite way to speak “no” in French?

The traditional “no”

Non is the most common means of speak no in French and also can safe be supplied it through anyone.

In part situations, comment “non” deserve to come throughout as crude oil though. So you may want to say “non merci” instead.

Vous êtes Américain ?

Non, je suis Français.

Are girlfriend American?No, i’m French.

That’ll be all


When girlfriend buy something at the bakery or bespeak a enjoy the meal at a restaurant, the waiter or seller is most likely to ask you if you’d like something else.

If you perform want other else, you simply need to say what it is you want. However what if friend don’t desire anything else?

In this case, you deserve to answer “ça sera tout”.

Vous prendrez une boisson avec ça ?

Non merci, ça sera tout.

Will you take a drink v that?

No thanks, that’ll be all.

No way

Sometimes world ask you something so crazy you instantly know the answer is “no”. In this case you deserve to use:

Est-ce que tu peux me prêter 2000 euros ?

Oublie !

Can you loan me 2,000 euros?

Forget it!


If you desire to to speak you’ll never ever do or never ever did something, you have the right to use “jamais”.

T’as déjà été en Autriche ?

Non jamais.

Have you ever been to Austria?

No never.

i’m simply looking


If you go into a French shop, the seller may ask girlfriend if you need assist with anything. You deserve to answer “je ne fais que regarder” (I’m simply looking).

Bonjour monsieur, je peux vous aider ? 

Non merci, je ne fais que regarder.

Hello Sir, may I help you?

No thanks, I’m just looking around.

The difficult “no”

If someone asks you around something you understand to be difficult or other you can not do, you deserve to say “impossible”.

Est-ce que tu peux m’aider à déménager demain ?

Impossible, j’ai rendez-vous chez le docteur.

Can you aid me relocate tomorrow?

Impossible! I have actually a medical professional appointment.

Not yet

If you’re an alleged to perform something, however didn’t perform it however or recognize that a movie your friend desires to watch wasn’t exit yet, you can use “pas encore”.

T’as vu le movie dont je t’ai parlé ?

Pas encore.

Did you watch the movie ns talked to you about?

Not yet.

The contradictory “no”

If a friend tells girlfriend something negative you don’t think in or if you just want to make a human feel better, you have the right to use “mais non”. This is the an unfavorable equivalent of “si“.

Je suis moche de toute façon.

Mais non, c’est pas vrai !

I’m ugly anyway.

No, that’s no true at all!

Not in ~ all

If girlfriend don’t choose something in ~ all, you deserve to use “pas du tout”.

Est-ce que vous aimez ce type de fleurs ?

Pas du tout !

Do you favor this kind of flowers?

Not at all!

Not really

When someones asks you how you space doing in French, you nothing necessarily need to say “yes”. Girlfriend can also to speak “pas vraiment” (not really).

You could also use it come say you don’t yes, really feel prefer doing something.

Salut Antoine ! ça va ?

Pas vraiment.

Hi Antoine! Is whatever ok?

Not really.


If i ask you if you desire a pizza ideal after you ate, you’re likely to say “non”. No because, you hate pizza, but due to the fact that you’re full and would quite eat later.

In this situation, you deserve to use “pas maintenant” (not now) or even “plus tard” (later).

ça car tente de manger une pizza ?

Pas maintenant.

Do girlfriend feel choose eating a pizza?

Not now.

Unfortunately not

This is a means to speak “non” companies love. Castle often use it to politely decrease requests while pretending they really wished they could help you.

Est-ce que je peux obtenir un remboursement ?

Malheureusement pas.

Can I gain a refund?

Unfortunately not.

The disappointed “no”

If you want to express your disappointment in French, you can use “oh non” (oh no).

Ton frère a raté boy examen.

Oh non!

Your brothers failed his exam.

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Oh no!

What’s her favorite method to speak “no” in French?

Do you have a favorite method to say “no” in French? Share it in the comments below!

Benjamin Houy is a indigenous French speaker and also tea drinker through a BA level in used Foreign Languages and a passion for languages. After teaching French and English in south Korea because that 7 months as component of a French federal government program, he created French Together™ to help English speakers learn the 20% the French the truly matters.